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London is one of the most iconic and visited cities in the world. The city is renowned for its iconic landmarks that attract tourists in huge numbers. As a prime exhibition destination too, London plays host to many trade shows each year across several industries.

When designing exhibition stands for London-based events, local businesses would do well to draw inspiration from the city’s rich architectural heritage and attractions. Incorporating elements of city sights in your exhibition stand design in London can help you connect better with visitors and portray the unique identity of this world-class city.

The Houses of Parliament

Known for its neo-gothic architecture, the Houses of Parliament makes for a memorable design theme. Stands echoing its historic vaulted ceilings, ornate wooden interiors, or green-hued decadence are sure to wow. Dark woods, stained glass accents, and regal furnishings transfer the grandeur of this Westminster landmark.

Big Ben

No other building showcases London’s history quite like its most famous clock tower. Incorporate ringing bells, nautical-inspired motifs, or even a giant replica clock face to channel Big Ben’s character. Bringing signature sounds and a classic British aesthetic rounds up the experience.

London Eye

The giant Ferris wheel on the South Bank is one of London’s most photographed structures. Creating an exhibition stand manufacturers in London resembling its elegant curved structure or capsule-style viewing areas brings the iconic Eye experience indoors. Circular or elliptical shapes and panoramic visualization tools leave lasting impressions.

Tower Bridge

The iconic drawbridge-style bascules make Tower Bridge instantly recognizable worldwide. Building dramatic vertical lift mechanisms, maritime accents like anchors or robust steel-frame structures emulate the engineering marvel. Lighting effects recreate the bridge illuminating the Thames each night.

St Paul’s Cathedral

Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpiece continues to be an architectural marvel with its intricate stonework and graceful dome. Recreating sections of the iconic structure through scaled replicas, flowing drape work, or mosaic art will stun. Illuminating the space a la St Paul’s after dark is a memorable touch.

Buckingham Palace

As the working headquarters of the Monarchy, no location epitomizes royal London better than Buckingham Palace. At your exhibition stand design companies in London build stately columns, gold accents, and striped awnings reflecting Palace formality. Interactive displays shed light on royal traditions while tea servings and scones relay hospitality.

Trafalgar Square

At the heart of the West End, Trafalgar Square’s grand plaza and National Galleries backdrop make it a top London spot. Inspired by its columns, regal lions, and pigeons, designers depict landmarks through scaled 3D sculptures, mosaic patterns, or photos capturing the buzzing activity. Outdoor seating simulates people watching from the square.

London Bridge

Though not as famous as Tower Bridge, London Bridge’s charm lies in its archways and old-world masonry. Buildings draw from the bridge’s stone façade, perhaps through ornate pillars, arched alcoves, and colorful street lamp accents. Underground routed seating and retro signages add to the area’s quirks.


As venues to showcase business innovations, London’s rich landmarks offer a goldmine of design context that connects emotionally. Events staged in the city’s iconic custom build exhibition stands precincts like ExCeL and Olympia stand to huge benefit from local landmark-inspired aesthetics.

With London’s visitor count bound to rise post-pandemic, stands echoing elements from its globally admired architecture and attractions are sure to captivate new audiences. exhibition stands for design anchored in London’s enduring heritage of places craft memorable impressions that last beyond events.

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