For companies, the excellent way to expand their business along with brand exposure is simply to participate in events like trade shows and exhibitions. However, exhibiting at trade shows can be quite expensive, especially in major cities like Boston.

The costs of shipping, labor, booth construction, electricity, furnishings, and more can really add up. This is why many exhibitors are now opting for more affordable and customizable trade show exhibit rentals Boston.

Renting a booth for your next Boston trade show offers numerous benefits over purchasing and transporting your own booth. Wanna know how? Just read out these top advantages of choosing a rental booth:

Cost Savings

One of the biggest benefits of renting a trade show booth display is the significant cost savings compared to buying your own booth. The upfront investment for purchasing a booth, shipping it to the event, and paying labor to set it up and take it down can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. Renting a booth eliminates these huge capital costs.

Booth rental companies have large inventories of booth components that they reuse for multiple events. This allows them to spread the costs over many shows and clients, keeping rental prices very affordable. Even from a basic 10×10 to an expensive 40×40 exhibit booth renting provides huge cost savings compared to purchasing your own booth.

Customization Options

Another great benefit of trade show display ideas is that most rental companies in Boston offer customization options to help tailor the booth to your unique brand and needs. While you don’t get the full customization of having your own booth built from scratch, you do get to choose from various styles, colors, furnishings, and design elements to create the look and functionality you want.

Most rental companies have different booth packages that you can choose between, some examples are:

  • Pipe and Drape Booths.
  • Pop-up Displays.
  • Modular Systems.
  • High-impact Graphic Booths.

Simply select the overall layout and components that appeal to you.

Many rental companies will work with you to design trade show booth displays that are cohesive with your company’s branding and goals. This level of customization is included in the rental fee and delivers an eye-catching, professional presence.

Turnkey Setup and Dismantling

Setting up and tearing down a large trade show exhibit requires significant time, labor, and logistics. This entire process is handled for you with a booth rental. The rental company will deliver your booth to the exhibitor hall and take care of the complete setup using experienced labor.

The same streamlined process applies at the end of the show. The rental company will dismantle your entire booth for you and handle post-show storage. All you need to do is show up with your sales materials and technology. The rental provider takes care of the rest.

This end-to-end service is extremely convenient and cost-saving compared to the complex logistics required for owning your own booth.

Storage Between Shows

Speaking of storage, renting a booth also eliminates the costs and headaches of storing your exhibit in between shows. When you own your own booth, you must pay for transportation and warehouse storage when it’s not in use.

With a rental, the company stores all booth components before and after your show. You don’t need to budget and account for storage. The rental price includes delivery, setup, and post-show breakdown and storage by the rental company.

The exhibition booth contractor will handle all logistics of their rental displays so you can focus on attracting attendees and making sales.

Flexibility for Different Shows

Trade show exhibitors often promote their company and products at multiple events of varying sizes each year. To achieve success different shows may call for different types of booths and displays. When you rent, you have tremendous flexibility to choose the appropriate booth for each unique show.

A rental provides the flexibility to change your booth configuration for each event rather than being locked into one specific booth. You can analyze each show and determine what type of booth makes the most strategic sense.

Upgraded Displays for Major Events

For major trade shows and conventions, like prominent annual events in Boston, you may want to present a larger and more high-impact booth than you can practically own and reuse. The costs to purchase, ship, and store a massive custom booth for one or two uses per year would be prohibitive.

Renting allows you to temporarily upgrade to a dramatic booth specifically designed to make a splash at a major event. You can rent island booths, two-story exhibits, double-decker booths, and other customized structures that catch the eye over the bustling trade show floor.

Access to New Display Technology

The trade show industry is constantly evolving with new booth trends, materials, and technologies. Lighting, audiovisual, shelving, furnishings, accessories, and fabrics are improving each year.

Purchasing your own booth means being stuck with aging components that will eventually appear outdated. Regularly upgrading a purchased booth to stay current with the latest innovations would require significant ongoing investment.

With rentals, exhibitors can take advantage of brand-new state-of-the-art custom trade show exhibit design components every year or every show. Rental companies upgrade their rental inventory on a regular basis so you always have access to contemporary, modern booth fixtures.

Try Before You Buy

For companies considering purchasing their own booth in the future, renting allows you to “test drive” different booth configurations. Renting one or two shows lets you experience what it’s like using different booth layouts and features.

If you eventually decide to buy one renting allows you to make a much more informed decision about the optimal booth design to meet your unique needs. Renting also minimizes the risk of investing in a permanent booth that may not suit your purposes down the road.

Different Sized Booths

Exhibitors often need different dimensions of booth space depending on the anticipated show attendance and their budget for each event. Purchasing a single booth display limits, you to that fixed size.

Renting allows much more flexibility to rent 10×10 booths for smaller shows and upgrade to 10×20 or larger 40×40 exhibit booth configurations for bigger events. For each individual trade show the ability to rent different dimensions provides more control over your presence and cost.

Reduce Waste

Purchasing booth materials for a one-time corporate event or a series of infrequent shows often leads to waste. Components only used occasionally are more likely to get damaged or become unnecessary. Even popup display systems require storage space and will eventually decline in appearance and functionality over time.

Renting booth elements as needed reduces the waste that comes with owning materials for infrequent use. The rental company can recirculate gently used materials that still have life left. This is a more sustainable model than every company buying individual booths. Renting minimizes unnecessary manufacturing and waste of these materials.

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