Choose the Right Shoes for Your Foot Type Guide to Footwear Selection

Your feet need good support when you walk or run. Puma is one of the great brands that provides ultimate comfort for your feet. You can use amazing Puma coupon codes through Cashaly to save more.

The nerves of your feet are connected to your spine. Therefore, any discomfort in your feet can lead to various issues in your spine. So, it becomes even more important to get the right shoes for your foot type.

With your fashion on, you also need the comfort of your feet. Your shoes might look great with your outfit, but it might be difficult for your feet to wear them if they are not your type. Everyone’s feet are different, so there are different types of shoes available to give you comfort. If you find the perfect fit for your feet, you are making sure of your overall health as well.

Most of the day we spend wearing shoes and walking around or playing sports. It is important to be specific with the type of shoes you buy. With fashion, you also need to take care of many factors while buying yourself shoes.

Stay tuned to learn more about how to choose the right shoes for your foot type.

Guide to Footwear Selection

You need to consider various points while buying your shoes. Be specific about your foot size and the purpose of buying shoes. Different types of shoes are available for different purposes. Let us discuss some important factors to remember while shopping for shoes.

  1. Look for a shoe with a firm foundation to support your feet while walking and running.
  1. Shoes with arch support are more comfortable for the feet with the correct alignment.
  1. Shoes with heels are not suitable for every foot. Make sure you are intentionally buying it for a purpose and that it is still comforting you.
  1. After exercise or running, your feet are in the best state to go shoe shopping. Remember to run or do some cardio before visiting any shoe showroom.
  1. One of the most important things is to remember to wear socks that you use on a daily basis. It will help you find the right fit for it.
  1. For some people, their size might change with time and age. It is better to measure your feet each time you buy footwear.
  1. Your feet need some space to move in your shoes when you walk or run. To test this, wiggle your toes after putting on your shoes.
  1. Take a walk, jump, or run to confirm that the shoes you are trying are comfortable and not too tight or loose.
  1. Check the shoe material properly from the outside and inside as well. If you feel anything pinching, then look for something softer than those shoes.
  1. Always walk on a hard surface to check if the sole is protecting your feet.
  1. A shoe that covers your foot outline is the one you are looking for.
  1. In the front of the shoe, there should be a half-inch space left after your longest toe. That is one of the qualities of a perfect shoe.
  1. Always ask for slip-resistant shoes and check yourself to see if you can walk without turning your feet to avoid injuries.
  1. If you are a sportsperson, always check the type of shoes that you need to buy accordingly.

Know Your Foot Type

The simplest method you can use to check your foot type is, through the wet foot test. You need to wet your feet and stand on a piece of plain white paper for at least 10 seconds. As soon as you step away from the paper, you can see your footprints through it, and you will know the type of arch in your feet.

High Arch: If your foot print from the middle is squeezed inward, your foot has a high arch.

Medium Arch: If your foot prints from the middle slightly squeezed inward but not too much, your foot has a medium arch.

Low Arch: If you can see the complete footprint on the paper, including the middle part of the foot, then your foot has a low arch.

Now, after this test, you need to perform one more test by running. Observe which way your feet roll: inward, neutral, or outward. This helps you determine your gait and will help you select the right shoes for you.

Overpronation: If you experience your heel with a low arch coming down first and rolling inward, it leads to instability in your body while running and, for some people, while walking.

Neutral: While running, your heel with a medium arch goes slightly inward after hitting the floor; it absorbs the shock and saves you from instability.

Supination: In this case, the heel with a high arch strikes the floor, goes outward, and stays in the same position throughout the stride, which makes it weak to absorb the shock.

How to Shop Shoes Online

Going to a shop and buying shoes is much easier than searching for shoes online. However, considering the pointers and methods, you can determine the type of your foot. When looking for shoes online, make sure you look for brands that build shoes according to foot type and comfortability.

Puma is a famous brand that provides shoes with the utmost quality, and you can find your foot type easily. With comfort, they also make sure that your shoes match your outfit, so you have multiple designs, colours, textures, and sizes.

In the filter section on the online shopping website, select your foot type, your foot size, and the type of material you are looking for. This will filter out results from thousands of shoes that match your requirements. Now you look for the shoes and select what you like.

Make sure the shoes that you are planning to buy are replaceable or come under the return policy. So that if you don’t like the fit of the shoes, you can easily exchange them for different sizes or simply return them.

Online shopping for shoes will become so easy if you follow the above process. Every brand has a different size description, so make sure you go with the actual size of your foot that you have measured. For example, if a pair of shoes in size 5 fits you, maybe the same size of another brand might be too loose or too tight for you.

You can make this process simple with your own measurements and knowledge of your foot type. The best way is to ask the assistant at the shop to give you a foot measurement that you can use while shopping for shoes online.


In this blog, we discussed how to choose the right shoes for your foot type. We also talked about how to determine your foot type. Buy your favourite shoes with Flipkart coupon codes through Cashaly. These steps and pointers will help you select the correct and best shoes that will go with your outfit and your foot type. Your feet are the foundation of your body, which takes a lot of load throughout the day. That’s why it is important to make the best decision and buy your shoes mindfully.

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