#8 simple ways to speed up your Invisalign treatment

The length of Invisalign treatment varies widely from case to case. Some cases take only 6 months to get resolved whereas severe cases of misalignment of the teeth could take over two years. On an average the majority of Invisalign cases last anywhere between 12 and 18 months. And yet Invisalign treatment is at least 50% faster in delivering desired results compared to conventional braces.

But still the question arises – how Invisalign treatment can still be made faster? Well, here are few tried and tested tips. These tips are provided by highly trained and experienced dentists working at the Bayswater Dental Clinic. Follow these tips properly to get even faster results from your Invisalign treatment.   

Digital impressions help working out things faster

If you are yet to start your treatment then it is best to go to an Invisalign provider who relies on the iTero 3D digital scanner to take impression of your mouth. A digital impression hardly takes a few seconds. Moreover it is absolutely accurate in capturing the details of your teeth and the overall mouth. Accuracy in the impression of your mouth ensures the aligners fit better on your teeth.

When aligner trays fit perfectly on the teeth you are assured to get more effective treatment. On the other hand a section of Invisalign experts still use manual impressions of your mouth. It is better to stay away from those dentists if you want your treatment to be faster. Digital impressions are very quick and absolutely painless. It involves no use of putty-like material in your mouth. Above everything else digital impression allows to see digital preview of your new smile even before your treatment starts.

Attachments are necessary

It is not mandatory for Invisalign patients to get attachments. But if your dentist feels like then you must get those without delay. Invisalign uses specially designed SmartForce attachments to facilitate fast and desired movement of your teeth. In easy words these attachments apply the right amount of force in the right direction which in turn speeds up your treatment. Invisalign attachments are also called buttons. These are basically small in size and come in the colour of the tooth. buttons are moulded to the teeth. Invisalign technology can easily handle many complex orthodontic cases because of these buttons or attachments.

It is crucial to wear the aligner trays for at least 20 to 22 hours a day

This is the major compliance that Invisalign requires and you must stick to it under any circumstance. If you think it is not possible to comply with this guideline then it is much better not to sign in for Invisalign treatment in the first place. The revolutionary teeth straightening technology in form of Invisalign is designed in a way such that if you do not wear it for at least 20 to 22 hours a day then it will not work. If you fail complying with this rule then your treatment is bound to linger behind the schedule timeline. In addition to that your treatment may not yield desired results.

Change your aligners on time as instructed

Your Invisalign provider or expert will instruct you about when to change your aligner trays. Usually patients are aske to switch over to a new set of aligner trays every two weeks or so. It is important that you change your aligner trays on time as instructed. This ensures your treatment is going forward. Here is a tip to make your switch over to new aligner trays smooth and hassle-free.

Consider marking the calendar when you should change your aligner trays. If you are not home that day make sure you are carrying your fresh and new aligner trays with you. Many people switch the trays early. They think this enables speedy completion of the treatment. But this is absolutely absurd says a renowned dentist best known for Invisalign in London. This tactic often moves the teeth incorrectly. Moreover it may make you suffer from pain and even damage your aligner trays.

Brush the teeth every time before wearing the aligners back

Invisalign braces are easily removable. You can take the aligner trays out any time when there is a genuine need. But before you wear those back on the teeth make sure to brush the teeth every time. Now you can ask why this is important. The objective here is to keep dental problems like tooth cavities and gum diseases at bay. When there is an additional dental treatment require while you are on Invisalign then that slows down the pace of your orthodontic procedure. It is a smart idea to carry the set of your toothbrush, miniature toothpaste and floss every time with you wherever you go.    

Clean your aligner trays regularly but do not use toothpaste

It is important to properly clean and maintain your Invisalign aligner trays every day. But your toothpaste can damage your aligner trays. Therefore do not clean your aligners with toothpaste. Rather use a toothbrush with soft bristles and any soft liquid soap to clean your aligner trays with. Make sure to rinse the orthodontic appliance thoroughly after brushing. It is important to rinse the aligners with cold water every time. Never use hot water as it may deform and damage your aligners made from clear BPA-free plastic.

Invisalign chewies play a vital role

Chewies are nothing but a kind of device made from soft plastic. It helps Invisalign aligners fit your teeth better. You are suppose to chew down on chewies gently. This releases air bubbles between the teeth and the clear plastic aligners. Your aligner trays can only work better in shifting your teeth only when they fit better on the teeth. Chewies also help achieving your treatment goals faster. It is important to note that you need chewies only when you switch to a new set of aligner trays every time.   

Routine appointments with your treatment provider are important

A dentist renowned for providing successful Invisalign in London warns when you are on Invisalign you must maintain your routine appointments religiously. These routine appointments are usually set every 8 to 12 weeks. Why these appointments are crucial? During these routine checkups your Invisalign provider reviews the progress of your invisalign treatment at bayswater dental clinic. Moreover you also get your new set of aligner trays during these appointments. If you want your treatment to be on schedule do not think of missing those routine appointments.

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