What Is Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy

Singapore Airlines name change policy guarantees travelers a hassle-free travel experience by providing straightforward and uncomplicated name correction methods. This post will discuss the requirements that each traveler should meet before requesting a name change. It’s also important for you to know how much name changes cost and what kinds of modifications you can request from the airline.

What Is The Process For Singapore Airlines Name Change?

The airlines stress how important it is that the names on passengers’ passports and other official government-issued picture IDs match. The passenger’s name and passport name must match the name and title on the ticket. You cannot have your name entirely changed. Only typo errors will take into account for name alterations.

Let’s understand the process for the wrong name on airline tickets of passengers-

A New PNR Will Create

If there are many passengers, a fresh PNR will produced to fix the misspelling or characters in the first, middle, or last name. The precise flight schedule should chosen in conjunction with the appropriate passenger name. According to Singapore Airlines’ name change policy, the right name must coincide with the name on the official picture ID.

The Current PNR Will Remain Intact.

Passengers must reserve the lowest class in the same cabin if the same class of service is not available.

Both The PNR Will Emailed To Airlines

Both PNRs indicate which is proper and which is wrong. The airline’s reservations team will move the seats from the old PNR to the new PNR.

The Existing PNR Will Cancelled

After moving the seats, please resubmit all requests—including meals, seats, SSR requirements, etc.—in the new PNR. Kindly ensure the cancellation of the original PNR with the misspelled name.

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Non-Changeable Fees

A Waiver Code will help to issue a new ticket at the original price. Any other applicable taxes must add in addition to a $250 USD name correction cost that will appear as a service charge on the new ticket other than the Singapore Airlines name change fee.

Changeable Fares

The airline rebooks, issues a new ticket at the current contract, and submits the old ticket for reimbursement if the same level of service is still available. Passengers must pay the relevant Singapore Airlines cancellation charge. The cancellation charge is computed per the specified price standards for rates that are posted.

Types Of Name Correction And Name Change Rules Of Singapore Airlines

Passengers must contact the airline’s customer service department, present the necessary paperwork, and pay a name change charge in order to modify their name. Generally, we should allow you to amend a ticket if there is an error or if your legal name has changed (after marriage, for example).

According to Singapore Airlines’ name change policy, a name change and a correction have distinct meanings and cannot used interchangeably. Let’s discuss the many adjustments or modifications you may ask the airlines for.

Singapore Airlines Name Correction

The airline can correct misspellings, married/maiden/divorced names, legal names, secondary last names, inverted names, and differences in gender or age between a legal document and the ticket issued with a name correction. Passengers will require to pay a $200 USD Singapore Airlines name change fee for this correction. The ticket will then be returned for reprinting in the identical service class.

There can be fare variations.

Singapore Airlines Name Change

As per Singapore Airlines rules, a full or partial name change (such as to a new person or a relative with the same surname) is referred to as a name change. Requests for name changes are not supported by the airline, period. Passengers must seek a flight cancellation in such circumstances, request a reimbursement, and rebook the identical flight schedule using the right passenger’s name.  

Marriage Name Change Request

If a customer wishes to change their married name back to their maiden name, the Singapore Airlines change passenger name team will review the accompanying documentation. In addition to the relevant ticket difference, a $250 USD name change fee for Singapore Airlines will be assessed. 

Middle Name Required

In the unlikely event that your airline ticket has your middle name missing. By contacting the Singapore Airlines customer support hotline, you can add one. For validation, you would have to provide the necessary identification and paperwork. There would be a $300 USD non-refundable charge. The revised first name, middle name, and last name of the passenger are included in the PNR’s Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD/DOCS).

No Last Name

According to Singapore Airlines’ name change policy, you may use your first name as your surname while making a reservation if your government ID does not have a surname. Passengers can provide their last name as “ABC” while making a reservation, for instance, if their initial name is “ABC.” After the ticket is issued, the last name cannot be removed. In these situations, travelers must seek the cancellation of the flight. Request a reimbursement. Rebook the identical flight schedule using the right passenger’s name.  

Wrapping Up!

If the passenger is well aware of the above-mentioned policy rules, they will travel hassle-free. After a name adjustment, passengers must present their photo ID as identification. Depending on the kind of journey and service class, the aforementioned request may change. Furthermore, the airlines will notify you if the ticket regulations applicable to your reservation allow for requests regarding name changes or corrections.

 To get more information on a name change, flight change, or change seat Singapore Airlines, call the official airline helpdesk number at 1 (833) 727-0118. Dial +1-800-865-1848 to talk with a consolidation desk and get your queries solved.

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