T-Shirt wird mit Flexfolie bedruckt

Direct printing (Serigraphy)

Direct printing, also called serigraphy or silk printing, is a widely used and recognized printing method. Your motif is transferred via a light-sensitive emulsion to a plastic cloth, which is clamped onto a printing frame. The color is then printed through the template directly onto the fabric.

When the motif is printed, it must be heat-fixed so that the textiles can be washed at 40°C. To take care of the print, we recommend that you wash inside out and avoid tumble dryers.

In 2019, we replaced all our screen printing machines with 3 new ROQ printing machines to achieve an even better printing result. Dallas Screen printing has been printing with serigraphs since 1991. This printing method helped to establish Dallas Screen Printing and later other printing methods and clothing production were added.

Over the years, we have built up a lot of experience in serigraphic printing, and we are proud that several of our employees have been with us almost from the start and that we also train serigraphic printers. In this way, we use experience and new knowledge when we have to help and guide you.

Printing ink

We print with both water-based ink and plastisol ink. 

Water-based color

Because water-based printing color is transparent, the color of the textiles can be seen through the print. This allows for more design flexibility. Therefore, water-based color is best suited for light textiles, and the color penetrates the fabric. If we print with water-based ink on colored textiles, the printing color will change, as the color of the textiles will shine through the printing ink. Whenever the print is darker than the paper, but the same tone, we employ water-based color (tone-in-tone).

Plastisol color

There is both an opaque and a transparent version of the plastisol color, but the opaque version is the only one that we utilize. The color lies on top of the fabric, as it must hide the color of the textile.

We recommend printing with plastisol colors on colored textiles. Modern plastisol colors are free of PVC, phthalates and other harmful substances. We only use modern plastisol inks in our printing office. 

When printing on dark fabrics, we print a white foundation below the motif and let it dry so that the colors pop.

Is there e.g. in the case of white printing on black textile, we print the white color twice to ensure that it covers. If, on the other hand, a red print is required on black textiles, we first print a white base which is dried (flashed) and then we print the red color on top. 

Photographs or photograph-like motifs must be printed with high coverage colours, but this requires a special separation technique. These motifs typically have to be printed with approx. 8 colours, but our skilled staff at the design studio take care of that.

If you want to have neon colors printed on dark textiles, there must be a white background underneath twice so that the neon color stands out. The neon colors are very transparent.

Direct printing is suitable for many different tasks. We are always available with good advice and guidance when choosing a printing method, so that your printing is carried out in the best possible way in relation to motif, number of printing colours, number of products and which products are to be printed on. We have many options, but the most important thing is that the result is beautiful and professional. 

Textile printing guide

You can benefit from reading our “Textile printing guide” here, you will get information and useful knowledge about what things you have to decide on for a print order.  


You may make your own template with our Designer. That way you can easily visualize your idea and you have a layout to send when you ask about price and printing method.  

In the picture you see direct printing with plastisol , this method is called puff.

The color is thick and “bloated” on top of the fabric.

Direct printing machines at Dallas Screen Printing Printing 

We use three different automated ROQ printing machines in production: the ROQ You P10 M, the ROQ Print Next P14 XL, and the ROQ Print P16 L. Each of these machines offers a unique set of benefits.

ROQ You P10 M

10 palettes 

9 colors

4 flash cures

Max print size: 40 x 50 cm.  

When we need to print themes with a limited number of colors, ROQ You P10 M works well. This machine is both compact and swift. 

ROQ Print Next P14 XL

14 Palettes

12 Colors

6 flash cures

Max print size: 50 x70 cm.

ROQ Print Next P14 XL is good when we need to make large prints and it can print a little more colors than ROQ You P10 M

ROQ Print P16 L

16 Palettes

14 Colors

7 flash cures

Max print size: 50 x70 cm.

ROQ Print P16 L is good when a motif has many colors. 

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