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One of the most recent fads in outdoor cooking is Infrared Cooking. An infrared grill is a kind of gas barbecue that employs infrared technology for heat or as an optional burner. The flame immediately warms the grates in a traditional gas barbecue. An infrared grill, on the other hand, has an infrared element between the grates and the flame. The gas warms the infrared element, which subsequently radiates very hot heat to the meal. Infrared grills are said to be effective for searing meat and delivering consistent heat to reduce flare-ups. However, since they cook differently, it may take some time to adjust.

Why Choose Infrared Grill?

The most crucial aspect of Infrared Grill and burners is that they produce far greater temperatures and heat up much quicker than standard grills.

It’s not unusual to hear that these grills can attain surface cooking temperatures much beyond 370° C in as little as 7 minutes.

That’s amazing, but what does it mean for you? Manufacturers of infrared grills claim that their products sear meats rapidly, seal in fluids, and cook quicker than any other grill.

The difficulty with these assertions is that searing does not function in this manner.

Searing does not seal in liquids; instead, it browns and caramelizes the surface of meats. The Millard reaction is a browning process that occurs at temperatures ranging from 150 to 260 degrees Celsius.

So the conclusion is that infrared cooks quicker. You just cannot argue with it. The major benefit of infrared grills is their rapid and hot cooking.

Infrared Cooking’s Trials, Tribulations, And Problems

Infrared cooking may be quite effective. While substantial and thick meats may withstand the heat of an infrared grill, seafood and vegetables may be more difficult to prepare on this kind of burner due to the intensity of the heat.

While there are grills that deliver just infrared, several grill manufacturers have included a specific, dedicated infrared burner to give you the best of both worlds.

Whatever equipment you choose, keep in mind that infrared cooking requires some study and experience.

Expecting a flawless steak, the first time you use an infrared grill is unrealistic. Even pros make mistakes when it comes to infrared cooking!

Most foods need the highest temperature for a relatively short period, around a minute per side, before lowering the temperature or moving to a non-infrared region of the grill to complete cooking.

Who Are the Best Companies Using Infrared Grill?

Char-Broil introduced the first charcoal grill on the market. In 1966, we developed the first gas grill. In 1977, Char-Broil continued to innovate by introducing the first portable gas grill.

In the years that followed, they brought advances that are now typical among contemporary grills. The progression continues today with advancements such as their unique Tru-Infrared Cooking System.
Crossray is the only BBQ that can provide consistent, even heat from 110°C to almost 400°C while using 50% less gas than a traditional BBQ.

Crossray’s Infrared BBQ grills are a better way to grill, offering a diverse culinary experience that conventional BBQing techniques cannot equal. Crossray offers more than simply great Infrared BBQ grilling, with rapid, even heating, a self-cleaning grill, and multiple different methods to cook your favorite dishes.

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