When one has undergone cataract surgery in Punjab, the crucial aspect of the surgery is recovery. A best eye hospital in Ludhiana has issued some of the necessary instructions which one needs to follow so that no complication is to be faced in the future. Let us get to knee the preponderant precautions which one needs to take care of after the surgical procedure:

Do not practise any laborious activity

It is devised to help the patients who are in their recovery period not to take up any of the exhausting physical activity that could cause enough stress and exert pressure on your eyes. Weight lifting and bending should be entirely avoided.

Do not use mobile phones

It’s advised not to use a mobile phone or sit in front of the computer and TV screen. It is because of the light emitted by these screens that could cause the eyes to get strained.

Guard eyes from the irritants

For an absolute period of one week or so, the cataract patient is accustomed to getting the feeling that some irritant or even a particle of pollutant has entered the eyes. But that is not so. This is the common phenomena that are experienced by every cataract patient after the surgical procedure. At first place, it is suggested not to go outside for seven days. But still, if there is some sort of emergency, then do not forget to wear the eyeglasses. The eyeglasses will not only protect the eyes from the irritant bust it also assists in getting rid of the sunlight.

Do not get exposed to water

In the recovery period, the ophthalmologists always suggest the patients keep their eyes away from coming in contact with water. One is not allowed to take a bath for absolutely 24 hours. Even in the entire rehabilitation period, you should refrain from splashing water into your eyes.

Avoid driving

One is advised not to drive or ride until specified by the doctor. It is because the eyes at that time are so weak that they cannot focus on one direction or side. To prevent any mishappening or any complication related to eyes, it is recommended not to drive until directed by the ophthalmologist.

Do not miss

Whichever medications are prescribed by the doctor should be taken timely and at the required intervals. You should not forget or neglect even a single dosage of the same.


In the recovery period, keep a check on your eating habits. You should consume the food or meals which have the nutrients that are required to heal the eyes.

Final Thoughts

If after taking up the surgical procedure, the loss of one experience in vision, severe pain in the eyes, Hazy vision and other disconcerting situations, then you are advised to visit the ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologists will guide you about what to do if the pain and irritation rise to a certain level.

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