C Programming Language

Instruction to C Programming:

C programming language was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972. And now it is emerging as a famous programming language. C programming refers to a general purpose programming language. It provides lower level access to memory of a system. 

C++ can refer to an upgraded version of the C programming language. It uses a different set of concepts of programming. C is a process based programming language. And c++ gives oop support. 

C consists of 33 keywords and C++ contains 63 keywords. C has no power to hide data and c++ has encryption for data security. 

Benefits of using C Programming language:- 

= It provides a structured programming approach. And helps in dividing problems into small modules. 

= It is portable and can easily be used on different machines. Because it is independent of machines. 

= It provides inbuilt features of the library that increases the process of development.

= C works with pointers which helps in improving performance. Because of direct interaction with system memory. 

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Problems faced by students in getting c programming assignment help:

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