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Personal loan is one of the most popular financial tools as it comes handy to manage your planned and unplanned expenses. Nowadays, leading financial institutions provide personal loans in a hassle-free online process. However, it is easy to avail of a personal loan, it is equally important to manage it so that your credit score remains healthy. 

Loan repayment is one of the most important aspects of loan management. In order to track your loan repayment, a personal loan statement comes handy. This document consists of information such as loan amount, outstanding balance, EMI due date and more. It also has the details of fees and charges levied on your loan account.  

As a borrower, it is important to keep a check on your loan status whether it is closed or active, outstanding loan amount and EMI due date. These details help in tracking transactions related to your loan account and help you to stay at the top of your repayment plan.  

The information on your personal loan statement includes the loan amount, outstanding balance, monthly payment amount, loan status, EMI due date, and other information.

You should monitor the status of your repayments by checking your loan statement regularly. You can keep track of your payments and report any mistakes by reaching out to your lender.

Personal loan statement gives you a detailed view of following information

  • Loan details- The loan date, the loan amount, and the outstanding balance are all listed in the loan details section.
  • Payment summary- You can get a short overview of your current loan in this section. This comprises the total amount of the instalments and how the principal and interest are divided up for the payments that have been paid. It also shows any charges like bounce-charge or penalty fees.
  • Transaction history- The lists of all the EMIs you have paid, as well as any missed payments, are available in this section of the loan statement. The transaction history also includes information about any fees associated with the loan, including bounce and part-prepayment fees.
  • Part-prepayment summary- Your part-prepayment summary will contain a record of any portion of your loan that has been paid in advance. Along with the amount you paid, this also includes the transaction’s date.

In case you have opted for a personal loan from Bajaj Finance, you can access your relationship details by visiting the customer portal Bajaj Finance My Account. You can view your loan details, make payments, download loan statements and more in a hassle-free online process.

You can follow the steps given below to download the statement of account

  • Go to My Account – Bajaj Finance customer portal and enter the mobile number and date of birth to sign-in.
  • Select the loan account from the ‘My Relations’ section for which you want to download the statement.
  • Click on the ‘View Statement’ from the ‘Quick Actions’ section.
  • Download the ‘Statement of Account’ with just one click.

It is important to keep track of your loan details, EMI payments so that you can stay updated with every transaction related to your loan account. Your statement of account is one of the most important documents that helps you in tracking the details of your loan.

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