Uncover the Best Excavators in the Indian Infra Market JCB vs Tata HitachiUncover the Best Excavators in the Indian Infra Market JCB vs Tata Hitachi

Indian professionals and the projects they are involved in have largely benefited from the heavy-duty equipment. In fact, the continuous technological advancements in these machinery have always surpassed work output expectations. This earth-moving industry manufactures a wide range of equipment. An excavator is one such example.

Now, with the existence of several brands, JCB & Tata Hitachi top the list of producing highly advanced excavators. So, are their excavator models really worth the hype? Let’s find out. 

Featuring Top-Performing Excavators from JCB & Hitachi

JCB 30PLUS Excavator 

Featuring the latest technologies, this excavator model has outperformed its competitors in the Indian infra market. To illustrate, the machine comes with an operating weight of 2870 kg. This particular functionality aids in scaling up work output.

Additionally, with 25 HP, the excavator further increases work productivity in construction and mining projects.

Besides, the 0.07 cum bucket capacity of this equipment can facilitate heavy load carriage with ease. Above all, this construction equipment significantly increases productivity, thanks to its max dig depth capacity of 3050 mm.

This subsequently facilitates tasks including digging for building foundations, quarrying, and much more. Also, the excavator price in India for this model is quite reasonable.

Tata Hitachi EX 70 Super Plus Excavator

This is yet another popular model from Tata Hitachi India. Rightly so, the machine comes with advanced features that help professionals scale up infra projects’ progress. To illustrate, the excavator has 7000 kg of operating weight. This particular functionality allows operators to undertake heavy-duty tasks with ease.

Moreover, the machine can churn out 55 HP, thereby increasing work output. Besides, the 9.68 cum bucket capacity of this equipment aids in carrying bulky materials in one go.

More importantly, the max dig depth capacity of 4150 mm helps this model dig deeper into the ground. This consequently results in higher work efficiency. Furthermore, the Tata Hitachi price in India for this model is Rs. 30-32 Lakh.

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