Tips for a Successful Intended Parent and Surrogate Relationship

Embarking on the journey of surrogacy is a unique and emotional experience, especially when it comes to the relationship between intended parents and surrogates. At the Rite Options, we understand the intricacies involved in fostering a successful connection during this transformative process. With years of expertise, we’ve compiled essential tips to guide both intended parents and surrogates toward a healthy and fulfilling surrogacy relationship.

1. Empathy and Understanding

Understanding each other’s perspectives is paramount in building a strong foundation for the intended parent and surrogate relationship. For intended parents, entrusting the development of their baby to a surrogate can be emotionally charged. Simultaneously, surrogates may find the pregnancy journey challenging. Compassion and empathy play a crucial role in navigating these emotions and fostering a supportive connection.

2. Communication Plan Development

Establishing a clear communication plan early in the surrogacy journey is essential for both parties involved. This plan should outline the frequency of contact and the preferred methods of communication. Flexibility is key, as unforeseen circumstances during the pregnancy may necessitate adjustments to the initial plan. Open and honest communication helps maintain trust and ensures a smooth surrogacy process.

3. Honest and Open Communication

A cornerstone of a successful intended parent and surrogate relationship is transparent communication. Should questions or concerns arise during the surrogacy journey, it’s imperative to address them openly. Whether discussing expectations, fears, or any other aspect of the process, maintaining a candid dialogue fosters trust and strengthens the bond between intended parents and surrogates. Our agency is also available to offer guidance in navigating sensitive topics.

4. The Golden Rule in Surrogacy

The age-old adage of treating others how you want to be treated holds significant relevance in the surrogacy context. Even amid the inevitable stresses of the journey, practicing empathy and kindness contributes to the overall health of the relationship. By adhering to the golden rule, intended parents and surrogates lay the groundwork not only for successful surrogacy but also for the development of a lasting and meaningful friendship.

Building Lifelong Friendships

By adhering to these tips, countless intended parents and surrogates have not only experienced a fulfilling surrogacy journey but have also forged beautiful friendships that endure beyond the delivery of the baby. At Rite Options, we believe in supporting intended parents and surrogates every step of the way, ensuring a happy and healthy surrogacy relationship.

Seeking Support from the Rite Options

Intended parents and surrogates are united in this transformative experience, but additional support can be invaluable. The Rite Options connects individuals with dedicated psychologists who provide assistance throughout the surrogacy journey, from the initial stages of finding a surrogate to post-delivery support.


Navigating the intended parent and surrogate relationship requires a combination of empathy, open communication, and a commitment to the golden rule. At the Rite Options, we are dedicated to facilitating not only a successful surrogacy journey but also the cultivation of enduring friendships. For those seeking guidance and support in their surrogacy experience, we invite you to contact us. Your journey toward a happy and healthy surrogacy relationship begins here.

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