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As a freelancer, time is your most valuable commodity. 

It’s the one thing you can’t buy more of, so it’s imperative to use it wisely, and that’s where time-tracking software comes in handy. 

From monitoring billable hours to keeping track of project timelines, these tools are essential for any individual who needs to stay on top of their workload. 

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the best seven-time tracking software for freelancers in 2023. 

So whether you’re an entrepreneur or someone who juggles multiple projects, this blog post we have covered with some of the top products out there. 

Let’s get started

1) Workstatus- 

Workstatus is a reliable software for tracking time that enables businesses to keep track of their employees’ productivity and time usage. 

This workforce management tool provides a comprehensive set of metrics on employees’ performance, including. 

  • Hours worked
  • Task completion time
  • Daily productive hours
  • Overtime worked

Through a centralized dashboard, management can gain a complete view of employee performance and effectively manage their workflow.

Some of the best features Workstatus provide are 

1) Time Tracking 

2) Productivity Tracking   

3) Workforce Management 

4) Employee Activity Monitoring 

5) Active Screenshot Capture 

6) GPS Tracking 

7) Geofencing 

8) Selfie Validation

9) AI Powered Reports

10) Central Dashboard

11) Stealth Mode 

12) Free & Advance Timesheets 


  • Free Forever Package: ₹0 forever
  • Premium Package: ₹299 / user/month
  • Enterprise Package: Get a customized plan

Free Trial 

2) EmpMonitor- 

EmpMonitor is a highly-rated software for tracking employee work hours across various projects. 

This web-based platform offers organizations the ability to monitor their employees’ time, performance, and other relevant data. 

Additionally, managers can delegate tasks to staff members and oversee their progress for timely project completion.

Some of the best features EmpMonitor provides are 

  • Employee Time Tracking
  • Idle Time Monitoring
  • Keystroke Recording
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Project Time Tracking
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Activity Tracking


  • 1 – 10 User Plan / Monthly/ 5 USD per User for each 30 days
  • 11 – 50 user plan / Monthly/ 4 USD per User for each 30 days
  •  51-200 User Plan / Monthly/ 3 USD per User for each 30 days
  •  200+ Users Plan / Monthly/ 2 USD per User for each 30 days

Free Trial 

  • Customers of EmpMonitor can enjoy a free 15 days trial for 5 accounts.

3) Harvest 

Harvest is an excellent software designed for small businesses to track time online. 

Its features include 

  • Time tracking
  • Task management
  • Expense tracking

That helps you streamline your business operations and monitor progress.

Additionally, Harvest integrates with various other business tools to provide a holistic view of your business, allowing you to make informed decisions for business growth.

Some of the best features Harvest provides are 

1) Time Tracking 

2) Timesheet Management

3) Billing & Invoicing

4) Billable & Non-Billable Hours

5) Task Management

6) Invoice Management


  • Free/1 seat/2 projects/$0/forever
  • Pro Unlimited seats/ Unlimited projects/ $12/per seat/ per month

Free Trial

  • Harvest offers a complimentary 30-day trial period during which you can evaluate its features. 

4)Timecamp –  

Timecamp is an affordable software for tracking time that assists employers in managing their workforce in real-time through any device. 

This software provides various features, including time & attendance tracking, shift tracking, and more. 

By utilizing Timecamp, organizations can gain a better understanding of employee productivity and allocate resources effectively for improved time and project management.

Some of the best features Timecamp provides are 

1) Employee Time Tracking

2) Historical Reporting

3) Resource Allocation 

4) Task & Productivity Management 

5) Financial Tracking and Reporting

6)  AI intuitive Dashboard 


  • Starter/Automate time tracking/ $ USD 11/per user per mo.
  • Premium/Manage projects and profitability/ $ USD 20/per user per mo.
  • Unlimited/Coordinate and support your people/ $ USD 28 /per user per mo.

Free trial 

You get a free 14 days trial with Timecamp in which you can access all the software’s features without any restrictions.

5) Toggl – 

Toggl is a software application designed for tracking employee time, which assists businesses in automating their time management processes and enhancing decision-making abilities. 

Its features include a 

  • Timer
  • Notes
  • Timestamps
  • Invoicing

Making it simple for business owners to monitor their workers’ time, supervise their projects, and pay them precisely with minimal effort.

Some of the best features of Toggl include 

1) Automatic Time Tracking  

2) Accurate Timestamps 

3)  Employee Activity Monitoring

4) Offline Time Tracking

5) Payroll Management

6) Productivity Analysis


  • Free/ $0/Free for up to 5 users
  • Starter/$10/per user per month
  • Premium/$20/per user per month
  • Enterprise/ Custom pricing/ Unlimited users.

Free Trial 

You can have a free 30 days trial of Toggl and access all the software features without any restrictions.

6) Workcomposer

Workcomposer is a software designed to assist businesses in monitoring and optimizing their employees’ work processes to enhance their efficiency. 

This program offers various features such as time reporting, shift management, and integration with the payroll system. 

With the help of Workcomposer, businesses can accurately evaluate the performance of their workforce and distribute their resources efficiently.

Some of the best features of Workcomposer include 

1) Time Tracking 

2) Employee Management 

3) Weekly Report Generation 

4) Automatic Payment Processing 

5) Cross-Platform Compatibility 

6) Productivity Monitoring 

7) Alerts and Notifications


  • $2.99/user per month, billed monthly

Free Trial

  • You can start your 7 days with the free trial and have complete access to every feature.

7) Paymo- 

 Paymo is an automated time-tracking software that helps businesses manage their remote teams. 

This software provides essential tools for tracking employee time, monitoring productivity, and managing project timelines. 

Additionally, Paymo allows business managers to set budgets for their projects, track time and expenses across structured task lists, and generate detailed reports on performance.

Some of the best features Paymo provides are 

1)Time & Expense Tracking

2) Activity Dashboard

3) Activity Tracking

4) Billable & Non-Billable Hours

5) Billing & Invoicing

6) Employee Activity Monitoring


  • Free/ $0 / user/month/ Maximum 1 User
  • Starter/ $5.95 / user/month/ Maximum 1 User
  • Small Office/ $11.95 / user/month
  • Business/ $24.95 / user/month

Free Trial 

  • Customers of Paymo can use all features without any limitations during the free trial period of 15 days that the company offers.

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In conclusion, time-tracking software is an essential tool for freelancers to manage their time effectively and increase productivity. 

There are many options available in the market, but Workstatus stands out as the best time-tracking software for freelancers in 2023.

With its user-friendly interface, customizable features, and detailed reports, Workstatus makes time tracking effortless for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? 

Start your free trial with Workstatus today to explore all its features and take a step towards managing your time efficiently.

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