wall mesh for plastering

Wall mesh of different kinds is available for plastering. The reasons for using wall meshes for plastering are many. It is good to use a good quality mesh for plastering. By using mesh for plastering you can get a complete and perfect surface.

We will talk about wall mesh for plastering in detail and you can check the information that is presented here. Check out the uses and types of wall mesh that can be used for plastering. Know about Wire Mesh Filter and then decide for yourself. This will definitely help in giving a good outlook.

Read below to know about wall meshes and then consider the best uses of this. You can get perfect ideas by referring to this blog. So let us start discussing the wall mesh for plastering and all other things related to it.

Main uses of wall mesh for plastering.

The main uses of wall mesh for plastering are many and one can refer to the points mentioned below for knowing about uses. The main uses of wall mesh for plastering are-

  • It helps by increasing the durability of plaster.
  • A smooth finish is obtained by using it.
  • The structural integrity is obtained by using this.
  • One can prevent cracking of walls.
  • Better resistance is obtained by using this.

These are the main benefits or uses of wall mesh for plastering. One can take help of perfect wall mesh for perfect finishing of plaster and for its good adherence.

Types of wall mesh for plastering.

There are many types of wall meshes for plastering. We will discuss the main types of wall meshes for plastering by sharing them here. The main types of wall mesh for plastering are-

1.Plastic wall mesh- This mesh is good in terms of walls. as it can be used in various ways. One can get good interiors by applying this on walls. The smooth finishing is obtained from plaster with the help of plastic wall mesh. d resistance to cracking.

2.Mesh tape- It is helpful in covering the damages. One can simply use this for protecting walls from damage. It has good adhesive properties.

3.Fiberglass mesh- This mesh has a large number of benefits. One can use it widely for various reasons. It can help in protecting your wall from any stress. Choose the wire mesh basket type for great overall smoothness.

4.Metal mesh- This is suitable for industries and for commercial uses. One can get strong walls by using metal mesh for plastering. Choose this and have its benefits.

These wall mesh types can be used and one can simply apply them according to need.

Specifications of wall mesh for plastering.

There are some specifications of wall mesh that are used for plastering. Take the points under consideration and then make sure that you are using specific wall mesh with specific features. The specifications are shared as follows.

1.Mesh size- The size of mesh used for plastering varies from 2mm to 20mm. One can look for dimensions like 5mm × 5mm and 10 mm × 10 mm.

2. Diameter of mesh- It varies accordingly and one needs to consider the diameter of mesh in between the range of 0.4mm to 1.2mm.

3.Sheet size- The sheet size is important to consider and it can fall from 2.4 m into 1.2 m.

4.Material – Make sure that you are using material that can withstand stress.

5.Weight- The apropriate weight is to be chosen for wire mesh. The weight can vary from 0.8 kg/ m2 to 1.5 kg/m2.

Price list of wall mesh for plastering.

The price list of wall meshes varies according to quality and type of wall mesh.

  1. Wall mesh plaster of galvanised iron- The opening size of this is 4 inches. This has zinc coating on it. One can simply choose this for great uses. Price for this is Rs 213 per roll.

2.Silver roll of mesh- In silver colour this mesh  can be used. One can rely on this mesh for its great strength. Choose this mesh appropriately and have its benefit of good adhesion. The price range for this is Rs 45 per square feet.

3.Stainless steel wire mesh- One can choose this for protecting walls. Try this at Rs 70 per square feet.

4. Fibreglass wire mesh- Choose the fibreglass mesh for suitable usage. Make the surface smooth by choosing this type. The pricing of this starts from Rs 465.

Consider the price options for all types of wire mesh and rely on all the features.


This blog is good for all those who want to know about wall mesh for plasters. The different types of mesh are shared here in this blog. You can check out the amazing benefits of mesh for plastering. Price of mesh varies according to types and features of different wall mesh. Choose the suitable type of mesh for your use and have its good benefits. Read this blog for detailed information regarding wall mesh for plastering.

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