You know what’s something that’s both fun and important in our relationships- keeping the spark alive in the bedroom. As much as this may sound cliché, it is pretty well known that the early stages of a relationship are always filled with enthusiasm and it is very honeymoon-like. It is normal that with time, the passion is somewhat reduced to a certain extent but the sad part is that we forget to do something about it. There are a lot of ways to make things more passionate and interesting.  Let’s look into some techniques that we’ll call “Natkhat Sex” – a playful, adventurous approach to intimacy that can reignite that passion.

So yes, what exactly is Natkhat sex? Just like the name suggests, it’s all about being a bit naughty and going beyond the mundanity. Think of it like a liberation from the everyday low-effort routines and going out on an adventure with your significant other. Sounds exciting, right? It’s about adding some mischief, spontaneity, and creativity into your sex life. Here are some playful techniques to get you started:

The Art of Surprise

Who doesn’t like a good surprise, right? It’s not just birthdays that demand a surprise, just so you know. It can be as simple as writing a love note and placing it in their bag. Bringing elements of surprise into your sex life can bring that spark. Maybe you can blindfold your partner and take them on an unforgettable adventure or whisper something frisky when you guys are out somewhere so that you guys have something to look forward to when you are back home. You can even maybe wrap yourself up as a surprise gift for your partner, who knows maybe they will never ask for any other kind of gift ever!

Dress-up your Desires

Role-plays can be a fun addition to your bedroom things. Take on the persona of another person or a fictional character for one night and let your imagination fly. Being spies, nurses, pirates, doctors, or any other character you can imagine, adds a different feel to your sexual activities. Ease into roleplay, get into costume, and free yourself from your shyness as you try out new characters and situations.

Sensory Seduction

Even though we have 5 senses, we often forget to use all of them in the bedroom. Try something new in terms of touch, smell, and taste to create a sensual time for your partner. From silk scarves and feather ticklers to flavored lube and scented candles, the possibilities are endless. Get creative with it and use all the senses to reach the climax and discover new levels of enjoyment. 

Dancing Your Way to the Bedroom

There is nothing like a passionate dance that is sure to make it to the bedroom. Can you imagine the tension that is going to brew up as you come closer and closer dancing and having fun? Make each other feel the heat by performing a sensual dance. It is proven that dancing together can result in increased closeness between couples, in every way. Get into the rhythm, and melt into each other as the music goes on.

Get Kinky With Toys

Toys in your sensual relationships can spice things up so much. Ranging from massage oils and sex toys to blindfolds and lubes, there is an extensive list of toys for people who want to upgrade their sex lives. Sex toys are known to add increased pleasure for everyone and who wouldn’t want to have the best time with their partner? And if you are into kinks, explore them too!

Laugh and Love

It is important to have some fun and laugh together for a good relationship. Couples need to remain playful as this is important in sustaining the flame of the relationship. Be goofy, make jokes, and don’t forget that laughing together is an incredible way to make your relationship happier. Also, keep in mind that not all sexual relationships have to be serious – it is also good to have fun and be happy.

Lastly, but more importantly, communication is a key factor in Natkhat sex. Communicate with your partner about your needs, wants, and boundaries, and be as explicit as you can. Take your time to understand each other’s needs and desires and discuss common grounds. This way, you can make sure that you share all of your ideas and concerns with your partner and enjoy a playful time together.

There it is- a lighthearted look at the Natkhat approach to s-e-x. No matter if it is a question of making things intimate more interesting or just seeking to try out something new in bed or beyond, bear in mind that the essence of it should be fun. What is Natkhat sex without Leezu’s Natkhat, which is a remote-controlled toy for your fun times? Can you imagine the things you could do with it? Don’t wait anymore and get your ticket to Natkhat sex with the Natkhat massager! Here’s to many more mischievous adventures together!

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