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Being the most popular app Snapchat has numerous outstanding features, you may create a private as well as a public story on it. Everyone can see the story you have posted publicly by just browsing on Snapchat, while on the private story, only those people will see whom you permitted to do this. While creating a story, you must be wondering what eye-catchy name to choose that reflects the theme and contents of your story. Creating private stories is a great way to express your special moments and share them with your special friends or loved ones.

Creating a Snapchat story is easy but naming them is pretty difficult, so here we are with an abundance of snapchat private story names, in this post. Keep reading it.

No one has so much time to use their brain power after exhausting the work of the entire day, but are struggling to find good private story names on Snapchat. Worry not we have compiled a list of tons of names of Snapchat private stories.

Best Private Story Names

Here are some picked private story names for Snapchat

  • Blow the Whistle
  • The Meme Team
  •  Hi Guys, Welcome to My Channel
  •  Snap You, Mean It
  •  Yellow-stoned
  • What’s Up World
  • Well, That’s Different
  • I am with  Stupid
  • All love, No hate
  • Totally not awakened
  • Drama Free Zone
  • No need for words
  •  All Fax No Printer
  •  I Don’t Trust Nobody
  •  Stressed But Dressed
  • Two Can Keep a Secret if One of Them Is Dead
  • Backstage Pass
  •  The Tea Is Spilled
  •  Fact-street Boys
  •  Xoxo… Gossip Girl
  •  Snap Ya Later
  •  Yay! You Made It
  •  My Literal Flex Zone
  •  For Harry Styles’ Eyes Only
  •  Not Lucky I’m Blessed, Yes
  •  Call Me Daddy
  •  Game of Bones

Some Funny Private Story Names

Here are some funny private story names 2022.

  • The Meme Team
  • Insert cool name here
  • Let’s pretend I said something funny…
  • <Your Last Name>’s Anatomy
  • POV: You’re my therapist
  • You can’t sit with us
  • On Wednesdays we wear pink
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • Santa’s Naughty List
  • Backstage babies
  • Now that you’re here…
  • The Life & Times of a Quaranteen 
  • Simps & Pimps
  •  Loves Men (without the n)
  •  Sorry, Mom
  •  Mention It All!
  •  Drama Llamas
  •  Sir-Chats-A-Lot
  •  Chat What Happens Live
  •  Snap, Crackle, Pop
  •  Where’s the Chapstick?
  •  Homie Depot
  •  Just Between Us Squirrel Friends
  •  Live From My Cloffice
  •  Bed Bath and Bad Decisions
  •  Problems and My Life Is One
  • CEO of “Oh S–t”
  • Don’t Tell My Therapist
  • Perks of Being a Snapchatt

Cute Private Story Names for Girls

Here are some cute Snapchat story names

  •  Jamba Juicy
  •  No Boundaries
  •  Streak Freaks
  •  What Do You Meme?
  •  Forever Alone
  •  D.A.R.E Program
  •  Lemme Speak to the Manager
  •  50 Shades of Slay
  •  I Gotta Really Big Team
  • Snap(chat) Yo Fingers
  •  Nat King Soul
  •  Off the Record
  • for your eyes only
  • days of our lives
  • thanks for stopping by
  • chamber of secrets
  • private showing
  • the late night show with (your name)
  • spice girls
  • brainless
  • got nothing better to do
  • one day at a time
  • the 411
  • story of my life
  • my last brain cell
  • mistakes were made
  • drama queen

Good Private Story Names for Girls 

Good private stories for girls are names that are positive, upbeat, and reflect the values ​​and character of the person using them. Using a nice girl’s private  name can help  convey a sense of positivity and friendliness and  attract like-minded people to your social media profile. 

  • Renee Bee
  • Blessed With Bad Decisions
  • Don’t Tell My Mom
  • I’m The One 6
  • Only Me
  • My Life Is Just Awesome
  • Lisa Sbawtys Club
  • Bingo Snapchat
  • Because
  • I’m Worth It!
  • Hot And Sticky
  • Lights On, Nobody Home
  • Jam On Toast
  • Hairy Mole
  • Worst. Story. Ever.
  • He Alter Ego
  • Blue Oyster Bar
  • Ideal Here
  • Camp Boxer
  • Dear Sc Daily
  • Crying Monster
  • The Woodchucks

So, guys, you have now enough of the best private Snapchat story names, pick the one for your private story.

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