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Associated Press

The Associated Press (AP), one of the oldest and largest cooperative news agencies worldwide, provides news from around the globe directly to member newspapers via its journalists. Furthermore, The AP offers various products tailored towards its customer base that includes up-to-the minute financial and business news; sports news; entertainment news; FOIA issues as well as historic photos archived.

AP Newsroom is located in New York City and it provides both traditional wire services as well as online offerings like its free Web search service known as AP Exchange that allow users to locate articles by name, company or geographic location.

As part of its efforts to maintain ownership over its news coverage, The AP is taking legal action against Web sites that use its work without authorization – this includes both aggregators that link directly to news articles as well as smaller sites that reproduce entire articles without proper citation. Their goal is to ensure that articles bearing their logotype are accurate, balanced, and informed.

Google News

Google News is an aggregator that offers users access to headlines from multiple sources in one stream of news headlines. Users can customize which topics and sources they would like to receive updates about; its services are accessible across desktop computers, mobile devices and apps.

Google News criteria require websites to meet several requirements to become part of its index, such as content policies, technical indexing guidelines and a Sitemap. Furthermore, articles must be unique and original – without dates and bylines – and should not promote hatred or violence towards certain groups. Niche websites tend to be accepted more readily.

Technical guidelines stipulate that websites have clean URLs, meaning links cannot be placed inside frames or JavaScript elements. Furthermore, articles must be written in HTML formatted articles on a consistent design website with logical structure that’s mobile-friendly – for which Google News Sitemap provides additional assistance in crawling pages more rapidly by bots.

Yahoo News

Yahoo News is an online news website founded in 1994 and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. Their products include mobile apps, desktop websites and personalized news feeds while their services also include search engines and email.

The website also features a daily Wordle puzzle. Most of its content comes from news media syndication; however, in recent months they have also begun producing original articles that remain unclear as to how this will impact on their editorial integrity.

An AllSides analysis recently discovered that Yahoo’s homepage stories, when uncustomized by readers, overwhelmingly feature sources with a Lean Left AllSides Media Bias Rating; in comparison only 5% came from outlets with Lean Right Media Bias Rating. This can cause long-term trust issues; furthermore the website demonstrates its liberal bias with pro-Biden comments and attacks against Christians and patriots.

MSN News

Trice Edney was not only an accomplished biologist and environmental educator; she was also an engaged community member and advocate for women. She served on the Board of Directors for Erie Philharmonic as well as founding Seward Park Audubon Center in Seattle; during her leisure hours she enjoyed woodcarving and oil painting.

MSN News used to be an acceptable news source online, but now its pop up ads and videos that automatically start playing when they should have been muted can become annoying. Furthermore, its bias-driven news pushes an agenda.

I find MSN particularly irksome because they block comments on certain topics such as statements of fact related to religion or slavery. Why don’t they just report the facts so I can make up my own mind about my feelings on it? It is saddening that they must hide the truth! Never again am I going back.

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