Recurring pilonidal cyst infection may make life difficult. Maintaining proper hygiene will help you avoid getting the infection. The surgeons will give you confidence to receive treatments and surgery will restore your normal lifestyle. So, you can deal with pilonidal disease making life better. 

Pilonidal Sinus Surgery Usefulness

Pilonidal sinus surgery has benefits and here are listed the benefits:

  • Pilonidal cyst surgery is a minimally invasive procedure and it won’t cause intense pain or bleeding.
  • The expert will carry out the procedure inside the clinic and there is no need for overnight stay in the hospital.
  • There is no risk of getting a pilonidal cyst infection in the future. The surgeon will make small incisions and thus there are less chances of scarring. So, it won’t give rise to other complications. 
  • Laser surgery is a more precise method and it helps in treating pilonidal disease or pilonidal cyst infection. 
  • Pilonidal sinus surgery has a good success rate and thus you will be confident to receive the treatment. Experts are aware of the modern technologies and you will receive the best treatment. 

Laser surgery is gaining importance nowadays and a surgeon will help you lead a better life. The advanced tools are useful in carrying out the surgery efficiently. 

Procedures of Removing Pilonidal Cyst

Removing the pilonidal cyst is the best way to avoid infection in later times. There are different surgical procedures such as: 

1. Wide Local Excision

The surgeon will remove the area consisting of tissues and pack it with medical gauze. The wound is left open to heal completely and it will help you get relief from the pain. 

2. Excision with Stitches

Once the surgeon removes the cysts the expert will close the wound with stitches. Expert surgeons will suggest whether it’s good to close the wound.

3. Excision and Marsupialization

This procedure involves removing the cyst’s roof and the experts will remove the fibrous tissues. Experts use smart tools for the procedure and you will get the best results.

4. Excision with a Flap Closure

Flap closure and it helps in quick recovery. A flap technique is a common procedure nowadays and surgeons will carry out the procedure for faster recovery of pilonidal cyst infection. 

These procedures will remove the pilonidal cyst and thus it improves your way of life. Now, you can perform your daily activities without difficulties and you will learn the importance of the surgical procedures. 

Signs of Healing Pilonidal Cyst Infection

Here you will get an idea of the signs showing that your pilonidal sinus is healing:

  • Gradually, you will get relief from the pain and it’s a sign showing your infection is healing.
  • Also, there will be improvements in the inflammation of your buttocks area.
  • There will be no foul smelling discharge from the cyst and it will make life better.
  • The treatment will reduce skin redness and it will restore the natural skin tone.
  • Temperature of the surrounding skin will gradually decrease and you will feel better.

The expert may prescribe some medicines post-surgery and make sure you are taking the medicines properly. 

Foods to Include in your Diet

Colorectal surgeons will come up with a diet chart and you must follow it. The foods to include are:

  • Foods rich in protein like peas, beans, almonds, cottage cheese etc. will help in faster recovery post-surgery
  • Also, it’s good to consume high-fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables etc. It helps in digestion and thus the foods improve your overall health
  • Foods with turmeric are another good option that will promote your healing process. Turmeric contains curcumin that increases your body’s immunity
  • Add some garlic cloves in your daily foods that will help your body get rid of harmful bacteria. Garlic and antifungal and antibacterial properties that helps in faster healing

The foods will help you return to normal life and you must consult the specialist if you face any complications. 

Post-Surgery Care

Doctors suggest that post-surgery care will help you avoid further infections. Hence, it’s important to know how to make certain lifestyle changes that will improve your condition. The things to do after surgery are:

1. Keep the Surgical Area Dry

Ensure that you clean the area properly and pat dry to avoid infection. Use gentle soap and water to clean the area and it will help you recover easily.

2. Avoid Sitting for Prolonged Periods

Sitting for longer periods may give rise to complications and doctors suggest avoiding prolonged sitting. It may strain the surgical area and your healing process will be delayed.

3. Stay Away from Strenuous Activities

Surgeons always recommend avoiding strenuous activities for a few days after the pilonidal sinus surgery.  Hence, you can avoid further complications and you will learn how pilonidal sinus surgery will improve your overall lifestyle

4. Follow a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet will make it easy to recover post-surgery. Include fruits, vegetables, lean protein etc. and you will learn how the surgery brings positive impacts.

Finally, you will get familiar with the beneficial solutions and the specialist will provide a permanent cure to pilonidal disease. Life thus becomes easier and it gives you confidence to perform well. 

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