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Parquet flooring, known for its timeless elegance and intricate designs, has been a popular choice for centuries. Its ability to seamlessly blend with various home styles and aesthetics makes it a versatile option for modern interiors. Whether your home boasts a classic, contemporary, rustic, or eclectic design, there’s a parquet flooring pattern to complement it perfectly. In this guide, we’ll explore different parquet flooring patterns that suit a wide array of home styles, helping you choose the ideal one for your living space.

Herringbone Pattern: Classic and Timeless

The herringbone pattern is a classic parquet design characterized by a staggered zigzag layout. This pattern complements both traditional and contemporary home styles. In traditional settings, the herringbone pattern exudes a sense of elegance, while in modern spaces, it adds a touch of sophistication and visual interest.

Basketweave Pattern: Symmetry and Texture

The basketweave pattern is created by weaving rectangular wood blocks together to form a grid-like design. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a pattern that exudes symmetry and texture. This pattern works well in both classic and rustic interiors, enhancing the visual appeal and providing a cozy, inviting ambiance.

Chevron Pattern: Contemporary and Dynamic

The chevron pattern consists of planks cut at an angle and arranged to form a continuous V-shaped design. This pattern offers a contemporary and dynamic look, making it perfect for modern and eclectic home styles. Its bold, angular lines add a sense of movement and energy to the space.

Versailles Pattern: Opulent and Regal

The Versailles pattern is a grand and opulent parquet design inspired by the palace floors in 17th-century France. It features a central square surrounded by interlocking geometric shapes. This pattern is ideal for luxurious, formal settings, adding a touch of grandeur and regality to the space.

Brick Bond Pattern: Simple and Elegant

The brick bond pattern resembles traditional brickwork, with rectangular blocks laid in a staggered, brick-like formation. It’s a simple yet elegant pattern that works well in a variety of home styles, including transitional and contemporary. Its understated charm provides a clean and cohesive look to the flooring.

Diamond Pattern: Geometric and Eye-catching

The diamond pattern features diamond-shaped wood pieces arranged in a repeating design. This pattern adds a geometric and eye-catching element to the flooring, making it suitable for contemporary and modern interiors. The angular shapes create a visually dynamic effect, making the space feel dynamic and lively.

Parquet Border Pattern: Framing Elegance

Parquet border patterns involve using a geometric design as a border around a central field of a different pattern. This allows for a striking contrast and a visually appealing frame for the room. It suits various styles, from traditional to contemporary, by providing a structured and elegant look to the flooring.

Mixed Media Pattern: Eclectic Fusion

A mixed media pattern involves combining different materials, like wood and stone, to create a unique and eclectic parquet design. This pattern is versatile and suits eclectic or industrial-style homes, adding an innovative and creative touch to the flooring while blending different textures seamlessly.

Diagonal Pattern: Dynamic and Engaging

The diagonal pattern entails arranging parquet blocks diagonally instead of the traditional perpendicular layout. This pattern creates a dynamic and engaging visual effect, making it suitable for contemporary and transitional home styles. It adds a sense of movement and expands the perceived space.

Monochrome Pattern: Modern Simplicity

A monochrome parquet pattern involves using a single wood species with consistent color and grain throughout the flooring. This minimalist approach works well in contemporary and modern interiors, providing a sleek and streamlined appearance, allowing other design elements to stand out.


In conclusion, parquet flooring Dubai offers a plethora of patterns to suit every home style. From the classic elegance of herringbone to the dynamic appeal of chevron, and the opulence of Versailles, there’s a pattern for every taste and aesthetic. Understanding these patterns and their suitability for various home styles will enable you to make an informed choice, enhancing the beauty and character of your living space. Choose a parquet pattern that resonates with your style and brings your vision of the perfect home to life.


What is the most traditional parquet flooring pattern?

The herringbone pattern is widely considered one of the most traditional parquet flooring patterns. Its distinctive zigzag arrangement has been a classic choice for centuries, lending a timeless elegance to both traditional and modern interiors.

Can I use a parquet flooring pattern in a contemporary-style home?

Absolutely! Parquet flooring offers patterns like chevron, diagonal, and monochrome that are perfect for contemporary homes. These patterns bring a modern and dynamic element to the space, adding to the overall aesthetic of a contemporary-style interior.

Which parquet pattern is best suited for a rustic-themed home?

The basketweave pattern is an excellent choice for a rustic-themed home. Its woven design and textured appearance create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfectly complementing the rustic charm of wooden accents and natural elements.

How do I maintain the beauty of a parquet flooring pattern?

To maintain the beauty of your parquet flooring, regularly sweep or vacuum to remove dust and debris. Use a damp, well-wrung mop for cleaning. Avoid excessive water and harsh cleaning agents, as they can damage the wood. Additionally, apply a recommended wood floor cleaner to preserve the finish and shine.

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