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Your job as an author is not finished after writing the book’s last chapter; in fact, it’s only half of your work. If you think that ending the book is the best feeling for the writer, then you are certainly wrong. The satisfaction you get after seeing your work published and available in bookstores is unmatched. But finding the right publisher and the whole publishing process is as challenging as writing the book itself.

As an author, you have to search for the best publishers of your genre in the market. With so many publishing houses out there, finding the known and reputable one is essential but equally difficult. To help you with the publishing process, here is the list of the 7 best book publishers any author can approach. Not only do they have power and influence, they can take your publication to the next level.

Top Book Publishers That Every Writer Should Know About

Harper Collins

Almost 200 years old, HarperCollins deserves a place in the list of best traditional publishers. The company has headquarters in New York but works in 17 other countries. You can find all types of books under their name as HarperCollins deals, from children’s books and non-fiction stories to celebrity memoirs and fantasy literature. They publish almost over 10,000 books in different languages annually, which tells the immense success of the business.

Apart from publication, they also provide book marketing services to the authors. Their expert team provides the authors with a unique editorial process, a strong connection with the readers, and good audience reach. They use traditional as well as new innovative technological ways to tell consumer behavior and other insights. Some top authors that have chosen HarperCollins are Dr Martin Luther King, Harper Lee, Ruth Park, and David Williams. 

Simon & Schuster

We can’t forget Simon & Schuster in the list of 7 best book publishers. It is a leading firm that also owns media companies like Nickelodeon, MTV and Paramount Pictures. The founders of this well-known publishing house were M. Lincoln Schuster and Richard L. Simon. The first book by Simon and Schuster was The Crossword Puzzle Book. After this book, the company started on its way to success and eventually became the first choice for famous authors. The publishing house deals with a variety of genres, whether it is non-fiction, fiction, business, academic or other type of books.

Simon & Schuster has won over 50 Pulitzer prizes and other awards like the Grammy, National Book, and National Book Critics Circle, which is an honorable achievement for any publishing company. The company has been working since 1924 and has published some of the famous books by reputable authors. For example, the Series of to all the Boys I have loved before, looking for Jane, The Christmas Box, and many others.

Penguin Random House

Have you ever wondered about the little penguin logo on the spine of your books? It is of the biggest name in the publishing industry, Penguin Random House. The publishing house is at its peak of success, with over 300 independent imprints and brands running under its name. Their well-known imprints include Viking Press, Crown Publishing, and Corner Stone. It is one of the most widespread companies, with offices in Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and more than ten other places. Penguin Random House has over 100,000 books under its umbrella.

 Some of the top names like John Green, Michelle Obama, Dan Brown and Jojo Moyes work with Penguin House to publish their books. It is the goal of many writers to get their work published by Penguin Random House; if you want to try your luck, you can start by hiring an agent and preparing a proposal. To craft a compelling proposal, you need sample chapters, an overview of the book and an author bio. If you can’t manage to write all this in your busy routine, then you can find the best ghostwriting services.

Hachette Book Group

Started as a bookshop in 1826 and is now one of the leading French publishing houses; Hachette Book Group has come a long way. Now they have 200 imprints with the top known such as Grand Central Publishing and Mulholland Books. The company values diversity and publishes a large number of adult books, literature books and audiobook titles. You can find a variety of publications like webcomics, comic books, adult colouring, and literary novels. The popular titles published by Hachette Livre in the past years include Fear of a Black Universe, The Twilight Saga Series, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, The Famous Five and many others.

Macmillan Publishers

Macmillan is also a popular publishing house that works with valuable authors. The company is located in Germany but has influence all over the world. You can tell the professionalism and success of Macmillan by their list of earned awards that, include the Pulitzer Prize, Newbery Medal, Man Booker Prize and Noble Prize. The publishing house caters for every kind of reader by working on a wide range of fiction, non-fiction, business and numerous other genres.

Scholastic Corporation

If you are a children’s book writer, then choosing Scholastic Corporation for the publication process can be your best bet. It is an American multinational company that is known for publishing and distributing education books. Apart from academic material, Scholastic Corporation publishes material for writing and reading programs. It has been working since 1970 and is the world’s largest publishing house for children’s books. Top educators aim to publish their books from this company. If you dream about being an educator with published books but don’t have the required skills, then book writing services can be a big help. Further, you can get in touch with Scholastic Corporation to make your dream a reality.

John Wiley & Sons Publishing House

Also common as Wiley, John Wiley & Sons is known for its publication of educational and academic material. It started as a print shop in 1807 and is now the first choice of authors to publish books for educational purposes. The company produces encyclopedias and journals that are easily available online as well. Wiley has worked with a number of notable literary authors, including Edgar Allan Poe, James Fennimore Cooper, Herman Melville, and Washington Irving.


The most important aspect of the success of any book is its publication and marketing. By choosing a suitable publishing house, the author can stand out from others. But finding the one publishing company that can deal with all your needs is challenging. There are many publishing houses present in the market for authors, but only a few of them are known the best for their work. We hope after reading the blog on the 7 best book publishers, you have a clear image and list of publishing houses for your next book.

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