Influencer Marketing for Hotels/Hospitality Business

Influencer Marketing for Hotels/Hospitality Business 

There is no end to how much marketing has evolved or will evolve, especially since Technology presents new ways for businesses to connect with their target customers. As a business operating in the hospitality industry, you know the importance of having a solid digital presence – but more is needed. Today, consumers (especially the younger demographic) prioritize personal experiences over marketing pitches. 

Indeed, you have seen a number of influencers going to hotels, restaurants, or spas and sharing their personal experiences – whether when reviewing their accommodations, relishing the food, or partaking in various indoor and outdoor activities. Influencers have the qualifications to go with their passion; hence, these subject matter experts have emerged as a more dominant marketing force in the hospitality sector – with the power to incite curiosity in their audience and lead them to take action. 

However, influencers operate on a tight schedule, and there is a steep curve involving research and outreach before you land the right opinion leaders. We recommend recruiting a top influencer marketing agency to handle the Influencer outreach and negotiations, thus freeing time for you to focus on the planning and execution of a successful influencer marketing strategy.

Are you interested in influencer marketing and its application in the hotel/hospitality industry? Then you have come to the right place. In this article we will discuss the right approach of influencer marketing for hotel and hospitality business.

Influencer Marketing Strategic Approaches for Hotels/Hospitality Business 

Focus on Brand Identity

Use the unbiased opinions of hospitality influencers that your target audience values to show what, why, and how your business differs from the rest. Promote your identity, for instance, the services you offer, accommodations, value-added perks, workforce ethics, brand partners, quality certifications, excellence awards, etc. For the social media posts created by hospitality Influencers, you should follow consistency in logo, font, color schemes, messaging, and tone.


The hospitality industry witnesses upward and downward trends In demand according to seasons. Hence, forecasting can give you insights into future pricing, room availability, probable profits, new opportunities, upcoming economic conditions, and more. The data can help you reach and schedule relevant hospitality Influencers in advance and know precisely what types of content you need and what you should promote – pricing points, rooms, discounts, leisure activities, tourist attractions, etc. to appeal to a broader crowd.

Package Promotions 

Create multiple packages with specific amenities that cater to a targeted audience. For instance, culinary packages are for customers who want to know about the meals served in establishments, restaurants, or eateries nearby. Likewise, you can create adventure packages highlighting activities like hiking, swimming, kayaking, paragliding, etc. Cultural packages for history buffs who fancy visiting museums, historical sights and understanding local customs. Then, use a specific group of Influencers that align with each package to promote them – food influencers for culinary packages or travel Influencers for culture or adventure packages.

Use Different Media

Use different forms of paid and organic marketing mediums in cohesion to put your brand in front of more targets and potential customers. For instance, organic posts from hospitality Influencers can generate awareness and consideration in people, while paid Google ads can effectively target only interested people with discounts, freebies, and giveaways to compel them to take action. Over time, you will have a multi-platform connective strategy with relevant subject matter experts and content types that effortlessly guide potential guests from awareness to conversion stages.

Influencer Marketing For Hotels/Hospitality Business: Campaign Types 

Sponsorship Campaigns 

Offer hospitality Influencers all-expense paid vacations where they get to stay in your hotels, enjoy your hospitality, engage in leisure activities, and all the white they will post pictures and videos of your establishments – food, rooms, staff, surroundings, amenities, etc to present a relatable guest experience to your potential customers.

Social Media Takeovers 

Hospitality Influencers get access to your brand’s social media handles for a specific time, during which day they undertake activities they normally would but with your establishment in focus. For example, review your packages, attend events, work with your brand partners, promote discount offers, post travel guides, and live stream events.

Themed Campaigns 

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching; a vital holiday is coming up, or the festive season is around the corner – creating campaigns with in-demand hospitality Influencers following a specific theme can draw the right crowd to your establishment. For instance, couples looking for a place suitable for their Valentine’s getaway or families looking to spend Christmas in a hotel with a Christmassy feel.

Social Service Campaigns 

You can recruit hospital Influencers to show how your establishment is doing its part in preserving nature and wildlife. Your workforce efficiently prevents water wastage, maintains clean surroundings, or boosts local businesses. Your management commitment to reducing plastic usage and greenhouse gas emissions with recycling, eco-friendly equipment, and sustainable transportation services. 

The availability of necessary social service certifications or awards can boost your promotional efforts.


By Andrew Jonathan

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