Draw The Grim Reaper

How to Draw The Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper is a mythical creature you wouldn’t want to meet in real life! Not only does this creature look super scary, but it’s also the personification of death, so you won’t want to invite him over for pizza.

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This bringer of evil is found in various forms across many cultures, and in its classic design, it is a skeleton in a black cloak with a large scythe.

Although he’s someone you’d instead not meet, he’s good-looking, so learning how to draw the Grim Reaper can be fun.

By the end of this manual, you can recreate this mysterious character!

We hope you enjoy working on this step-by-step guide on how to draw the Grim Reaper.

How to Draw The Grim Reaper

Step 1

There will be a lot of detail to draw in this guide to drawing the Grim Reaper, but this first step will make it easier to get started.

We said that one of the defining characteristics of this character is her oversized black hood, and that’s where we start in this first part.

First, draw the opening of its cap with a long, thin diamond shape. Once you’ve drawn it, add some curved lines on the side, and then draw the top that sags a bit. That’s all this step offers, so let’s get started!

Step 2

Now that he’s pulled his hood up let’s focus on the shoulders of his cloak for this part of your Grim Reaper drawing.

To do this, draw a few curved lines down from the sides of the hood and then use more curved lines on the inside edges.

If we draw any aspect of his coat, we will use a lot of these curved lines since the goal is to make him look heavily wrinkled.

Step 3

The grim reaper is known to be a skeleton with a cape, so in this step of our tutorial on how to draw the grim reaper, we will draw his skull.

First, start with some circular black shapes for her eye sockets. Next, we’ll use a double-prong mold for his nasal cavity, and then we can start with his mouth.

The mouth will be drawn with another black shape, which will be flat and more of a rectangle with some tooth shapes at the top and bottom.

Finally, tuck more folds of his hood under his head before continuing.

Step 4

Continuing with your Grim Reaper drawing, let’s focus on the arms of his cloak, starting with his famous scythe. First, let’s draw the sleeves.

As mentioned above, her cloak will have a lot of folds, and her sleeves will be pretty long and flowy.

The right arm will also be higher as both hands hold his scythe. Speaking of which, let’s also draw the handle.

The scythe is extended with curved lines and appears to be made from a corrugated piece of wood. He is grabbed in his skeletal hands, which we will draw now. Then continue with some more details in step 5.

Step 5

In this step of our guide on drawing the grim reaper, we will finish the bottom of his sleeves and the blade of his scythe.

We’ve already mentioned that her sleeves are long and flowy, which we will show off in this step.

With a few curved lines that end in sharp points, you can finish off the drooping openings of her sleeves.

Next, we will add the large blade of his scythe. In this case, we will use more curved lines, and the blade will go deep enough and have a lot of fine detail to make it look weathered.

Step 6

We only have to draw one part before we color your grim reaper drawing. All you have to do is draw the rest of his coat, and we’ll start by drawing some curvy lines going down his sleeves.

Next, we’ll draw the base and show the material hanging to the ground. Finally, we’ll add a lot of folding details to this section.

You’re ready for the final step once it looks like our reference image! Be sure to add any additional details you want as well.

We kept the colors somewhat muted in our reference image, black for her cloak and brown and silver for her scythe. Do you go with these colors or use some of your own color choices?

Step 7

This step of our guide on how to draw the grim reaper is about completing it with color.

We kept the colors somewhat muted in our reference image, black for her cloak and brown and silver for her scythe. Do you go with these colors or use some of your own color choices?

You can also experiment with some great art mediums and tools. So we can’t pause to see what you enjoy!

Your Grim Reaper Drawing is Finished!

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