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These days our smartphones have made check-in and out easier in contactless system places. Apple Wallet is one of them which helps us to store our credit cards, boarding passes, and concert tickets in one place. The user would be in doubt about how to add apple gift cards to the apple wallet. To get information read the below content.

Add Apple gift card to Apple wallet: 

YES! You can add a gift card to Apple wallet. But there might be some retailers who are not sure whether their gift card would be eligible for Apple Wallet. Apple’s list of wallet-eligible apps now helps us to check the list of retailers that support this functionality

How to add gift cards to Apple Wallet? 

You can add gift cards using these approaches: 

  1. Visit the retailer’s website that offers gift cards: after opening the page, firstly check your balance of the gift card. Then add your gift card number along with its PIN. Next to your gift card balance, you may see the “add to Apple wallet” badge. After you click on it will add your gift card to your Apple wallet. 
  2. Download the gift card retailer’s app: find in settings where you can add a gift card. Add your gift card number and its PIN. Next to the gift card balance and transaction details you might see the “add to Apple wallet” badge. Click on that and it will link your gift card to your Apple wallet. 

Apple Cash is also available where you can add funds to your Apple Cash account and send it to other people through your wallet. You can make various purchases from it wherever Apple Pay is acceptable. 

Loyalty programs Apple Wallet support: 

You can pair loyalty programs with stores like Ulta, Starbucks, and 7-Eleven, with Apple Wallet. To grant permission, firstly download the app you want to pair with and then click on “add to Apple Wallet”. If you have used Apple Pay at a store that has contactless checkout you can opt for the store’s loyalty program on Apple Wallet without downloading a separate app for it. 

Add a Visa gift card to your Apple wallet:

You can easily add a Visa gift card or any other big company’s credit card to your Apple wallet. You can also add gift cards of MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards to the wallet. You can add it by following these steps: 

  1. Open your Apple Wallet app and click on “+”. 
  2. Choose from a debit or credit card (a card that you want to add). 
  3. Scan the card or you may enter the details manually
  4. Input your billing address and save the information. 

After this, in your Apple wallet visa gift card will appear as a payment option but your Visa gift card balance will not appear so you need to track how much you spend so that your next transaction won’t be declined. 


Apple Wallet is a great option to pay and also store our credit cards and various other important things. It can store and help us store normal gift cards from various stores and Visa credit gift cards. The user can visit themoneyflow whenever they are having any doubt.

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