A Comprehensive Guide on Custom Mascara Boxes

Mascara is one of the top-selling products in the cosmetic industry.  Similar to other beauty products, mascaras require premium and sturdy packaging.  The packaging of a product leaves the first impression on the buyers.    Choose custom mascara boxes if you are looking for dependable packaging for your mascaras.  These custom-made boxes are the right fit for showcasing and shipping confidently.  The best thing about customization is that it allows brands to design packaging following their budget and product specifications.  

Are you a novice and looking for a guide on mascara boxes?  Then, read this blog. It is an absolute guide for beginners.  Be ready to delve into the details of this blog without wasting further time. 

Exploring Key Features of Custom Mascara Packaging Boxes:

First, discuss the important characteristics of custom mascara packages and how cosmetic brands can make the most of them. 

Easy To Customize:

At first, customized mascara boxes are highly feasible. They are accustomed to endless personalized solutions. Brands have complete freedom to tailor the box’s size, shape, and layout after considering the product’s dimensions. Moreover, cardboard paper is viable for prints, laminations, and add-ons. So companies can print packaging with typography, colorful images, logo design, alluring artwork, and catchy graphics to create captivating packaging and differentiate it in a crowded environment.  Thus, exclusive packaging comes to the client’s notice immediately and helps win the client’s trust.

Durable Packaging Solution:

Mascaras are highly vulnerable beauty items. Like other make-up essentials, they are at the risk of drying out before their due date. Another good feature of mascara packaging is its sturdiness. Packaging manufactured with the finest quality materials gives ultimate security to susceptible mascaras.  The durability of packaging does not let mascaras expose to the environmental factors and protects from storage or travelling shocks as well.  Moreover, quality packaging ensures the delivery of products in the best condition to clients’ doorsteps. 

Helpful Tool for Brand’s Marketing:

Cosmetics are one of the most flourishing industries in the world.  The huge demand for beauty items has given rise to cut-throat competition in the market.  Besides retail shops, innumerable beauty companies also run their online stores. Custom mascara boxes are an excellent way to elevate the brand’s recognition and provide a distinctive identity to the brand’s products.  Companies can label boxes with logos, tag lines, promotional slogans, etc. We recommend using alluring fonts and colors for texts to engage onlookers. 

Recyclable Packaging:

Green packaging has become an incredible tool for establishing a positive brand image in eco-lovers’ minds.  Mascara boxes are best for attracting eco-minded clients and boosting sales. Packaging built with eco-friendly kraft paper is a go-to choice for companies that want to get the lead and promote green packaging. Brown kraft paper is an optimal choice. It is preferred because of its organic nature. 


Moving forward, one of the most beneficial qualities of custom mascara boxes is their cost-effectiveness. They are highly affordable packaging solutions. However, buying at wholesale rates can be more effective for companies short of budget.   Purchasing bulk products in one go reduces manufacturing costs and lowers petroleum consumption during shipping. 

How to Create an Engaging and Stunning Design Mascara Box?

Determine the Size of the Box for Mascara Packaging:

The first step to creating a perfect mascara box packaging is deciding the package size.  Mascara containers vary in size.  So, you have to measure the dimensions of products accurately, like depth, length, and height.  An adequate size packaging keeps items protected and elevates their shelf appeal. 

Go for a Trendy and Creative Box’s Style:

Exclusive packaging stands out on the shelves and can capture buyers’ attention immediately.   Companies can tailor box design that resonates with their brand’s products. However, tuck-end boxes are the optimal choice for the storage of mascaras. They come in straight and reverse tuck-end forms. Besides that, tuck front and sleeve packaging are also suitable choices. However, if you wish to give a special feel to boxes,  opt for magnetic closures, foam holders, and paper inserts.

Choose Sustainable Materials to Endorse Green:

The selection of packaging materials is a highly critical task. Mascara in a box needs to be protected well. Viewing the nature of products, companies must choose durable and eco-friendly materials to manufacture a high-grade box.   Following is the list of suitable substrates:

1. Kraft 

2. Cardboard

3. Corrugated 

4. Rigid 

Rigid paper is expensive. However, it is the best option if you have to create a promotional or gift package. 

Opt for Advanced Printing Methods:

Printed mascara boxes are appealing enough to lure clients and outshine products on the full-fledged shelves.   For reliable and permanent printed patterns, it is essential to use top-notch printing techniques.  Offset and digital printing procedures are highly preferable options.   Besides that, you have a choice of screen printing as well.   All these printing methods are highly affordable and produce outstanding results. 

Add Special Feel Using Vibrant Color Schemes:

When you are finishing the paging, the color selection comes next.  Selecting the right color scheme is a challenging task for newbies.  Brands can make it simple by viewing the theme of their cosmetic company.  Two of the following are most suggested choices:

  • CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black)
  • PMS    (Pantone Matching System)
A Comprehensive Guide on Custom Mascara Boxes

Choose from Add-ons to Enrich Custom Mascara Box Packaging:

There are numerous cosmetic brands which are selling top-rated beauty products.  How do we create difference and beat the rivals?  The overall worth of the product lies in its packaging.  Including special features like laminations, embellishments, and add-ons give a tactile feel to the packaging.  Pick out from the options below:

  • Gloss finish 
  • Matt lamination
  • Spot UV
  • Hot foil stamping
  • Embossing
  • Aqueous coating
  • Magnetic closures
  • Foam holders


 We cannot deny the significant role of packaging in a company’s success.  After reading this blog, you will become familiar with the art of customization and how custom packaging boxes can greatly help make a business a smash hit in the competitive world. Lastly, you can achieve it without choosing a packaging company. 

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