What are custom gable boxes, and why are they so popular? It is a beautiful box and comes with a handle. The handle is attached at the top and is customizable in kraft and cardboard. Further, you can embellish the handle boxes with PVC sheets, ribbons, or cards.

Without an iota of doubt, it is a trendy and practical box style. And it is perfect for happy meals and bakery items. Want to know more about gable packaging? Perfect! Give this blog a read and learn new ways to secure your products!

Custom gable boxes; happy packaging!

International fast-food chains are everywhere. And burgers are one of the hottest fast food items. And custom gable packaging is the best way to cheer up the kids. The thing is that its unique box style magnetizes the kids. And they are drawn towards it.

Besides, the colorful cartoon characters and tempting slogans make the boxes even more interesting. As a result, the kids love to have their burgers in customized packaging.

And do you know the distinguishing feature of handle packaging? It is super easy to open and close. And there is zero chance of gets getting bruises or cuts. Hence it qualifies as a trendy and practical packaging style.

Different and attractive style

Bakery and confectionery brands love custom handle boxes. The reason? The primary aim of packaging is to secure the product and prevent them from contamination. In addition, the brands also prefer out-of-the-box packaging styles.

And undoubtedly, the handle packaging is the best. All you need is to place the doughnuts, pastries, or cakes and close it with the handle. And it is a safe packaging option and is loved by shopkeepers and consumers.

What are more design options? You can customize it with transparent sheets, inserts, and decorations. Hence you have an open ground to design your dream packaging.

Cardboard gable boxes

In food packaging, no one can beat the custom gable boxes with handle boxes. It is a stylish and functional packaging design. And you can even use it for delivering public messages. Are you wondering how?

Well, it is admitted that packaging is the first point of contact. And it has the capacity to deliver a thousand messages within nanoseconds. Hence make sure to use packaging wisely.

So you can design the handle box in cardboard. It is a great way to support green packaging. And to show the retailers and manufacturers that alternative packaging exists.

Above all, it makes the eco-conscious consumers happy and satisfied. So add the green and environmental symbols on the packaging. It gives tough competition to the fast food brands, and they also try to tread on the same path! In a nutshell, it encourages the brands to take the environment and business together. 

Gable boxes wholesale

Top fast food chains sell billion happy meals annually. And that’s a lot! It means more happy meals and more packaging. Therefore the brands opt for gable boxes wholesale.

And it is quite beneficial for them as they get special deals and discounted prices per box. Plus, it is a big win for the environmentalist. The bulk orders are delivered once; thus, it saves fuel and labor costs.

Durable and sturdy packaging

Do you want to secure your fast food and bakery items? For that, durable and long-lasting packaging is a must. You can opt for custom cardboard boxes with handles. It is strong and ecologically compatible.

And it protects the food items from dust, contamination, and sunlight. In addition, the packaging is spacious enough to store various food items. Thus you can enjoy your yummy snacks while traveling.

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