I’ve been fascinated by the world of whiskey ever since I started drinking it. There are so many different types, and each one is unique in its own way because of what’s in it. From Spot whiskey in Ireland to bourbons, each spirit has its own special characteristics that make it stand out from the rest. However, one style stands out from the pack as being particularly unique: spot whiskey. A nickname for this Irish whiskey is plain old “spots,” but what exactly does that mean? And where can you find some? Here are six spots around Ireland where you’ll find some really good (and really cheap) whiskey!


Lisdoonvarna is a town in County Clare, Ireland. It’s known for its music festival and matchmaking festival, which take place every August. The town also has its own hotel: The Lisdoonvarna Hotel.

Dingle Distillery

Dingle Distillery is located in Dingle, County Kerry. Founded in 2010, it’s owned by John Teeling and produces whiskey and gin. The distillery also has a restaurant and bar where you can enjoy your favorite drink from their selection of spirits.

Bruichladdich Distillery, Islay

  • The Bruichladdich Distillery is located on Islay, an island off of Scotland’s west coast.
  • It offers tours that include tastings and historical information about their whiskey production.
  • You can get there by plane or ferry from mainland Scotland or Ireland (or even from England).
  • The tour lasts about two hours and costs between 50-80 EUR per person.


Kilbeggan is a town in Ireland, located just outside of Dublin. The Kilbeggan Distillery was founded in 1757 by John Jameson and Alexander Martin, who built the distillery on the site of an old mill. In 1838, ownership passed from Alexander Martin’s son to George Roe & Co., who continued operating it until it closed its doors for good in 2007.

The Kilbeggan Distillery was reopened in October 2014 after being purchased by Beam Suntory Holdings Limited (formerly Suntory Holdings Ltd). The new owners invested more than $20 million into renovations and equipment upgrades before reopening their doors once again to tourists eager to explore this historic whiskey factory!

Copperworks Distillery, Belfast

Copperworks Distillery is located in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It’s open daily from 11am to 5pm and offers guided tours every hour on the hour. There are also tasting sessions every half hour that last around 30 minutes.

The distillery produces whiskey, gin and vodka–but no rum or tequila (which you can find at Copperworks Distillery’s sister venue, Dublin Distillers). Tours cover the history of distilling in Ireland as well as how Copperworks makes its spirits today; expect to learn about grain mashing techniques, fermentation processes and aging practices before taking a look at some of their equipment up close.

If you’re looking for something extra special (or want to impress someone), consider booking one of their private tastings: these include everything available during regular public tours plus two glasses per person plus a bottle opener with each reservation (you’ll need it!). You can also visit during weekends when they offer special experiences like distilleries yoga classes or private dining events served by an executive chef who specializes in local cuisine paired with unique spirits created by Copperworks’ master distiller!

Spot whiskey is growing in popularity.

Spot whiskey is a type of whiskey that’s bottled straight from the cask, which means it can be very different from blended whiskeys. Spot whiskeys are generally cheaper than blends and can be hard to find in Ireland.

In this article, we’ll take a look at where you can find spot whiskey in Ireland so that you know where to go when you want to try something new!


We hope this article has helped you to understand the different types of whiskey available in Ireland, as well as some of their unique characteristics. We also want to remind you that there are many other great spots around the country where you can find spot whiskey! We encourage you to visit these distilleries and try their products for yourself. Happy travels!

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