Effects of Rahu on Personal Life

According to the Best Vedic Astrologer in India, Rahu refers to the Deity of terror, uncertainty, and frustration. Besides, Rahu is also distinguished by aggression, violence, mercilessness, and conspiracy. As a result, situations start changing negatively on their own when Rahu’s placement becomes wrong. Therefore, Rahu highly differs from other regular planets that exist in Vedic Astrology. If Rahu situates in the wrong position in a natal chart or horoscope, it mainly creates some negative effects in life. Also, you must know that Rahu has ill effects for a minimum of one and a half years if has a wrong placement in the horoscope.

But how would you know if the most malefic planet Rahu has any negative impact on your life? Well, in today’s blog, we will discuss some common signs that indicate that Rahu has negative effects on your life

Bad Effects of Rahu

  • Laziness
  • Delays and major obstacles in every good work
  • Sudden unexpected losses
  • Health issues
  • Over-addiction to negativity in life
  • Loss of money
  • Bad relationships with family and relatives
  • Relocation far away from home
  • Too many expenses that are not even needed
  • Melancholic life
  • Persistent monetary crisis
  • Health complications of parents

These are some of the most common signs of the negative impacts of Rahu in people’s life. But these all vary individually. So, to get confirmation about Rahu’s presence in your life, feel free to see the best Spiritual Counselling Expert in India.

Astrological Remedies to Decrease the Effects of RahuTo reduce the evil effects of Rahu, the Best Vedic Astrologer in India often recommends trying the following remedies –

  • Electronic gadgets that no more function is not good for keeping in households. This is because, according to Vedic astrology, non-working or inactive devices are inauspicious to keep in any household. So, if you have any electronic gadgets such as a watch, computer, mobile, or tablet that do not function anymore, throw them straight away from your home.
  • Donating food to dogs is another effective remedy to nullify the evil effects of Rahu. Try feeding dogs at your convenience. For that, you can visit multiple dog hospitals or dog homes. Feeding dogs that wander on the local roads is also very good.
  • Pay attention to the main door of your household. The main door of your home should always be neat and clean no matter what. Remember to sprinkle water at the main door every morning. Try not to keep anything around the main door of your house. The main door of your house plays a major role in reflecting the effects of Rahu from your home.
  • Donating black clothes or blankets to needy people is also highly beneficial for decreasing the negative effects of Rahu. You can visit any temple or any orphanage if you want to donate black clothes or blankets to needy people.
  • According to a majority of astrologers, blue is an anti-color for Rahu. Therefore, people having the negative effects of Rahu should avoid wearing blue clothes frequently.
  • To pacify the anger of Rahu, wearing silver often turns out to be beneficial to natives. An astrologer, in order to nullify the effects of Rahu often recommends wearing silver ornaments. For example, you can wear a silver chain around your neck or a silver ring on your finger.
  • Even rejecting some food items may also help reduce the negative impacts of Rahu. Such as, people who are now suffering from the ill effects of Rahu, need to avoid having alcohol, non-veg food items, smoking cigarettes, etc.
  • Having a dog as a pet in a household is also an effective remedy for Rahu’s evil effects. But the color of the pet dog preferably has to be black. Black dogs often seem to be a safeguard to a person who has the major effects of Rahu.
  • Keeping a square-shaped silver in your household is also a proven remedy for removing the negative effects of Rahu. It can be a square-shaped coin, or any other form of silver that is indeed effective to pacify the rage of Rahu.
  • Having a tilak made of pure saffron every day before stepping out of your home is also another fruitful remedy for Rahu’s negative impacts.
  • Last but not least, keeping yourself tip-top and well-groomed all the time is very much necessary for reducing the ill effects of Rahu. Keep your hands and feet clean throughout the day. Cut your nails on specific days. For example, avoid cutting nails mainly on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

However, since every horoscope is different, it requires different astrological remedies. So, you can get your personalized astrological remedies if you talk to any Famous Vedic Astrologer in India. Remember that, applying wrong and unsuitable remedies can often be devastating in an individual’s life. And, literally, nobody wants to mess with this malefic planet Rahu! Therefore, for more effective astrological remedies, get in touch with the Best Vedic Astrologer and the Best Tarot Card Reader in India.

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