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A dissertation is an important part of a doctoral degree program and students are asked for its timely submission. It is not an easy job to do because it demands a lot of time, stress, and effort to make submission possible. Due to the many complicated tasks of dissertation writing, students mostly take help from AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools for dissertation write-ups. No doubt, AI tools make writing tasks easy for students but there are certain dos and donts of using AI tools that should be considered before taking any help. I have explained the important Do’s and Donts of AI tools that every PhD dissertation writer should know before use;

10 Do’s of Using AI Tools for Dissertation Writing

Dissertation writing help can be taken from AI tools to a limited extent. For every student, it is necessary to look out the following points before seeking AI tool dissertation help;

1) For Grammar check and proofreading purposes

AI tools can be best used for grammar-checking purposes. The tools provide the best insights and features for spelling checks of a dissertation for proofreading purposes.

2) Topic research help

AI tools can be best used for generating new ideas and topic research for dissertations. These tools can also provide suggestions for related research questions.

3) Plagiarism check

AI tools provide plagiarism reports for your dissertation to determine the amount of original work. This report also provides insights into the dissertation by comparison with other published materials.

4) Statistical analysis

Data analysis is an essential part of a dissertation. AI tools best provide help in the data analysis and interpretation of results. AI tools provide help in presenting data in the form of appealing curves and graphical forms.

5) Write down the summary

You can use AI tools to summarise the whole document. The whole document is sometimes difficult to follow up and takes much of your time so you can use AI tools to save time and effort.

6) Improve the readability

AI tools can improve the readability of a dissertation. If a dissertation is written with jargon and technical terms, you can re-write it with the help of AI tools and improve the readability of the content.

7) Check out the consistency of the Dissertation

A dissertation should be written clearly and with a consistent approach. All the sentences should correlate with each other otherwise there is no sense in writing a dissertation. Use AI tools to check for consistent content. If there is any extraneous and unnecessary data, remove it and make consistency in the whole dissertation.

8) Improve Writing skills

Dissertation Writing demands a strong grip on writing skills. Using AI tools can help you detect any type of irrelevancy and error in your writing style. So, you can improve your dissertation writing by overcoming your mistakes for the next time.

9) Citations and References

AI tools are best used to check references and citations. References should be critically handled and properly checked by AI tool before dissertation submission.

10) Maps creation

Dissertations involve specific area research and the area map should be included in the dissertation. AI tools provide an image of the map to best use in a dissertation.

10 Don’ts of Using AI Tools for Dissertation Writing:

AI tools should have limited use for a dissertation as these tools cannot replace humans in analytical thinking. Following are 10 Don’ts of AI tools that every PhD writer should know before seeking dissertation help;

1) Don’t use AI tools for the whole dissertation

AI tools are not the replacement for human writing. You can use AI tools to a limited extent but not for the whole dissertation. These tools should be used as a supplement, not as a replacement for human text.

2) Don’t use AI tools for unethical data

 It is not recommended to use AI tools for the generation of unethical data. Manipulation of data is considered illegal for education or publishing purposes, so it should be avoided.

3) Don’t use AI tools without understanding the limitations of AI tool

Always use an AI tool with a proper understanding of features. Know all the things an AI tool can do and you cannot. It makes sensible use of an AI tool.

4) Don’t use AI tools for longer tasks

Longer tasks are often difficult to handle by AI. Therefore it is best to have a human intervention for handling longer and more complex dissertations than an AI tool.

5) Don’t use AI tools without looking for reviews

AI tools are mostly reviewed after usage. Therefore, it is best to check the reviews first and then use them for the dissertation help. Don’t use an AI tool that is irrelevant and erroneous to use.

6) Don’t use AI tools for direct communication

AI tools never can replace the human sort of communication. You should put an effort to communicate while interacting with peer advisors and colleagues.

7) Don’t use AI tools without knowing the audience

The irrelevant use of AI tools can prove annoying for the audience. You should consider the audience first and then use AI tools so these tools will not disturb the taste and interest of the readers.

8) Don’t use AI tools without any guidance

AI-generated content can be against academic integrity. Therefore, it is necessary to get proper training and support for the appropriate use of AI tools for dissertation help.

9) Don’t use AI tools without consideration of the data

Research data is very important to consider before writing a dissertation. AI tools rely on the data that is available and these tools do have not the capacity to understand the data. Therefore, consider your research data before using any sort of AI help.

10) Don’t use AI tools without considering the context

AI tools are not suitable to work with any type of research data. Therefore consider the context first and understand all the research objectives. Then you will know how AI tools are not completely accurate for different types of contexts.

Seek Help From Human Dissertation Experts

Dissertation writing is a complex task to accomplish on time. There are various benefits of using AI tools but there are also limitations. Dissertation writing help cannot be demanded from AI tools therefore, it is best to get help from a reliable dissertation writing service like The Academic Papers UK. There are many benefits of using The Academic Papers UK’s service for dissertation writing;

1) Human support

The major advantage of using The Academic Papers UK’s service is that the platform has expert writers that can write dissertations on any topic. These writers provide human-written dissertations to maintain academic integrity that cannot be achieved while AI tools.

2) Follow requirements and guidelines

Writers at The Academic Papers UK can understand all the guidelines and requirements of the dissertation. The platform guarantees to provide customised dissertations that an AI tool cannot do for a dissertation.

3) Original and Quality work

The Academic Papers UK has a quality assurance team that is highly capable to maintain the quality of a dissertation. Dissertations are thoroughly checked before delivery and the plagiarism report is attached to it. The Academic Papers UK never compromises on the quality and originality of a dissertation.

4) Any type of Academic Support

The Academic Papers UK provides support in any type of academic service. All the work is done in quality hands and each task is focussed for any little error. AI tools are not able to look for such minor and little mistakes.

5) Delivery on time

The Academic Papers UK always delivers dissertation tasks on time. So students can request any necessary revisions and editing before the submission deadline. AI tools do have not the power to generate a dissertation on time without blunders.

6) Full support

The Academic Papers UK’s services are available 24/7 so the students can seek help at any time of the day or night. Also, the Customer Support Service is very efficient and can manage multiple conversations at a single time. AI tools do have not the capacity to provide this type of support and academic services.

7) Privacy concerns

Seeking help with a dissertation needs security for the data and personal information. The Academic Papers UK guarantees all the privacy of the data and maintains related concerns. The messaging system is highly secured by SSL technology that keeps all the data protection in layers form. Such type of security is not provided by AI tools.

8) Unlimited revisions

The Academic Papers UK provides efficient services for students. Many students need modifications for the dissertation therefore; this platform is providing unlimited revisions free of cost. AI tools cannot perform such actions with the same file. So, it is always best to seek help from The Academic Papers UK’s service.

The Academic Papers UK’s service is beneficial in many aspects. Students can save time and effort and make effective submissions. As the dissertation work is professionally handled by the experts, therefore, it is suggested to seek human help for the submission of a dissertation.


AI tools can be valuable for dissertation writing if used for ethical purposes. These AI tools can be helpful in proofreading, editing, and plagiarism check. It is important to consider the audience and limitations of AI tools before use. Following the above-mentioned do’s and don’ts of AI tools, you can make effective dissertation submissions. But, the Dissertation can be made better with support from The Academic Papers UK’s service. This service aims to provide original and timely delivered content that is useful for the PhD level dissertation. The Academic Papers UK helps students achieve the best academic goals and get success in dissertation writing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1) Name some popular AI tools that can best legal help in dissertation writing?

Some popular AI tools that can help legally are Grammarly, Turnitin, Hemingway Editor, and Copyscape.

2) Can I write a dissertation with the help of an AI tool?

No AI tools are not meant to write a dissertation. These tools are just a source to help in the writing process as these tools can edit, proofread and organise all the research data. Further, all the data analysis is done with the help of R and SPSS programming tools.

3) Can I get a plagiarism report with the help of AI tools?

Yes, AI tools are best for providing the plagiarism report for the dissertation. It is a legal way to check the originality and quality of the data. But you should check the report contents to avoid any error in AI working.

4) How to use AI tools for ethical purposes only?

To avoid any unethical use, always check the reviews and terms of the AI tool. Don’t use AI tools for the generation of any type of plagiarised content and data manipulation purposes. Also, consider the audience and context of the dissertation before usage.

5) Can I use AI tools for communicational purposes?

No, it is not recommended to use AI tools for the communication purpose. Perform original conversations with your supervisor and seek academic help with real talk.

6) Are dissertation writing services better than AI tools?

Yes, it is better to write a dissertation with the help of professionals as compared to AI tools. These writing services can design dissertations of any style and format. Also, you can get unlimited revisions from dissertation writing services.

7) Can I use paraphrased content for my dissertation?

Paraphrased content can be used to some extent. It depends upon the level of plagiarism and similarity index that is allowed by the head institution. Some institutions allow a maximum of 15% plagiarism for the submission of a dissertation.

8) Are dissertation writing services legal?

It depends upon the organisation and platform that you used for the dissertation help. The Academic Papers UK’s service provides all the dissertations according to the UK legal academic policy. Therefore, seeking help from a service like The Academic Papers UK is helpful for your dissertation process.  

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