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Did you input the wrong name while booking a Delta Airlines reservation? Relax, you may simply alter your name on a ticket with the airline. You can utilize the Delta ticket name change option to fix name issues on your ticket; however, you must ensure that the name on your ticket and your government-issued ID are the same. If it doesn’t, you won’t be allowed to board. To ensure a smooth travel experience, it’s essential to have accurate information on changing your name on a Delta ticket, especially if you’ve already booked it and need assistance.

This blog post serves as a one-stop guide, offering all the relevant details on the name change policy and the process for passengers to modify their names.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For Name Change On Delta Ticket?

To change the name on Delta Ticket, passengers must have to meet the below-mentioned criteria:

  • The airlines must run the flights, and the ticket stock must begin with 006
  • The Delta Airlines change name on the ticket request can only handled on the flight segments alone in the event of codeshare or interline agreement flights. 
  • For name correction on Delta Airlines tickets, there may only be one reprint per ticket.
  • The date of the flight, the price class, and the origin/destination location could not changed. Furthermore, gender and birthdate modifications would not permitted.
  • Only minor modifications of up to three characters in the Delta name are allow. 
  • The Delta name change policy would apply to changes made to the Date of Birth and/or gender.
  • Only minor adjustments to the date of birth are permitted in cases where mistakes were made when the reservation was made.
  • Each passenger is entitled to one adjustment per request. The Delta alter passenger name policy would not apply to any other modifications made to the traveler’s personal information. 
  • Tickets must reprinted if a Delta Airlines name correction request that has already been handled once has to be altered further.

Rules For Delta Name Change On Ticket

The following rules must followed by the passengers for altering their name on the Delta Airlines ticket:

  • According to Delta change name on ticket after marriage policy, customers cannot modify their full name as it appears on their ticket. But only slight modifications are allowed. 
  • Due to spelling mistakes, the first, middle, and last names have only been slightly alter.
  • Changes in last name resulting from marriage or divorce are allowed. 
  • Customers must provide court documentation, such as a divorce certificate, marriage certificate, or court decree, to officially modify their names on Delta tickets. 
  • After Delta SkyMiles changed its name, confirm that the new name corresponds with the name on your official documents. 
  • Adding a middle name, converting the middle initial to the full name, or changing the full name to the middle initial does not need the submission of legal paperwork.
  • Only a single reissue of the ticket is permitt by Delta Airlines.

How To Change Name On Delta Airlines Ticket?

In order to satisfy the diverse needs of its clientele, Delta Airlines has a number of methods in place to permit name modifications. There are online and offline solutions available under the Delta name change policy. These techniques can also used to fix mistakes in your name.

The four primary ways to amend or modify the name information on your ticket are as follows:

Delta Airlines Name Change Via Website

  • The “my trip” option may found on the homepage of the website, which you must first visit.
  • Enter your last name along with the 6-digit confirmation code or the 13-digit reservation number to access the reservation.
  • Then, to change your name, click the button. Select the checkbox next to the name revisions you need to make. Recall that your name on official documents must correspond with this one.
  • The Delta name change policy allows passengers to modify their first or last name by up to three characters.
  • After completing the name change/correction request, choose “Confirm & Save” to complete it.
  • At checkout, you will then need to pay the change fee and any relevant fare difference.
  • Wait for the confirmation mail after completing the procedure.

Delta Airlines Name Correction On Call

  • All you need to do is give the customer support hotline a call to modify the name.
  • To access your reservation, enter your 6-digit PNR or e-ticket number.
  • We will only fix spelling mistakes in charterers’ names, therefore, ask the representative to verify the name one more time.
  • You also need to provide a copy of your passport or a government-approved photo ID for validation.
  • To proceed with the request, travelers must pay the necessary ticket difference and the Delta name change fee. Depending on availability, the reservation will be provided in a lower or comparable class.
  • You will receive a confirmation at the email address you registered with after a transaction is complete.
  • In the event that the official hotline is unavailable, call +1-800-865-1848 to speak with a travel specialist.

Delta Airlines Name Rectification At Airport

  • Launch the app on your phone and visit the airline’s official website.
  • Please include the SkyMiles numbers, confirmation, or e-ticket, if applicable.
  • Open your trip details, then navigate to the “modify name” option by following the on-screen directions.
  • To edit or modify the name on your Delta ticket, use this option.
  • On your boarding pass, write your new name and print it off.

The straightforward operation of the airport kiosk saves tourists from having to endure the lengthy process. It is also accurate and efficient for passengers. Kiosks are a trustworthy and versatile solution despite being the least used one.

How Much Is Delta Name Change Fee?

Typo fixes and minor name changes are free of charge. However, significant name changes, such as adding or removing passengers or names following a divorce or marriage, would come at a higher cost. The price of changing one’s name depends on the kind of fare and its restrictions. Make sure you call Delta Airlines to confirm the conditions and fees associated with changing a reservation after it has been book.

You must pay a name change charge with Delta Airlines, which can range from $75 to $500 or more. Depending on your class and travel schedule, this changes.

Wrapping Up!

Passengers can alter their name with Delta Airlines by following the above guidelines. For more airline-related information like flight changes, minor policies, or cancel Delta flight within 24 hours, call the official helpline number at 1 (800) 221-1212. Dial +1-800-865-1848 to talk with a travel expert and get your queries answer.

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