Emeralds have been cherished and prized for a long time as one of the most durable and beautiful antique jewels. They are ideal for daily wear because they have a bright color, hardness, adaptability, significance, and symbolism. This very valuable gemstone also has a special role in astrology. Genuine Emerald stone have high quality and are among the most costly gemstones.

Emerald is a potent gemstone with a rich cultural heritage. It is called “natural beryl gemstones” for these and other wonderful reasons. However, this jewel also has a high price for many reasons. It is rare among all Gemsotne and hard to find real Emerald, so buying this priceless gem can be a bit tricky. And the price of the Emerald stone is quite high, Customers should remember some things when buying an Emerald Stone to avoid any fake ones. The factors which cause the pricing is also seen to check the originality of the Panna gem. So you must check the color, size, hardness, and enhancement of your Emerald gem.

Astrological benefits of Emerald’s Gemstone 

Emerald is the gemstone of the planet Mercury and it gives the wearer intelligence, logical skills, and good marketing, and business skills. It also helps a person in saving money and students who have trouble learning can wear this Gemstone as it can help them a lot

For Success In Creative Ventures–  Astrology says that wearing Panna Stone boosts the person’s ability to think and create in new ways. It helps them to envision and execute well. effectively. Hence, emeralds are believed to be very helpful for people who work in creative, communicative artistic fields.

Enhances Financial Growth–  Emerald is known as the ‘Stone of Prosperity’. It symbolizes vitality and growth. A high-quality Panna gemstone can boost the chances of earning more money and increasing wealth. Therefore, people who deal with money, accounting, trading, or finance are advised by astrologers to wear Panna.

Improves Wisdom & Intellect–  In Vedic astrology, Mercury (Budh) governs Intellect (Budhi). According to the legend, wearing an emerald stone can enhance one’s mental abilities. Astrologers have deep faith in emerald gemstones for gaining wisdom. Emerald gems can also help students who are studying for challenging tests.

4C’s Factors Behind an Emerald’s Gemstone Price

There are many factors on which a Gemstone’s price will depend, but the major factor was the 4C’s, and these factors are so important and deciding factors for Emeraldf Pricing.

  • Color 
  • Clarity 
  • Cut 
  • Carat Weight 

Color – Emeralds have a very distinctive green color that is three-dimensional and can only be appreciated in person. It is very hard to show on media. The color is always bright and lively, and there is a small range of possible colors. The most preferred is green with a hint of blue, but the exact color depends on personal taste. This is the main reason why people buy emeralds. 

Clarity – Emeralds usually have internal flaws except for the very rare ones that do not need oil treatment. The clarity also affects how fragile they are compared to other gems. These flaws can also reduce the amount of usable emerald rough as well. 

Cut – As mentioned above, the cutter has to work with the uncut, gem rough, and all the emerald flaws. The rough usually decides the cut for the cutter. 

Carat Weight – A measure of how scarce and valuable the gem is. Usually the bigger the rough, the more expensive it is.

Factors Behind an Emerald’s Gemstone Price

There are so many points to being noticed for the pricing of your Panna Stone and here are some points by which the price of Emerald Stone can vary.

  • Flaws
  • Enhancements
  • Hardness

Flaws– Emeralds are very rare, so they have few inclusions. These are small traces of gas and bubbles that appear in the stone as lines or cracks. If no tiny flaws are detected, you should examine the Emerald again to make sure it is genuine. Sometimes, flaws can give an Emerald a star-like look, this is called an asterism. It makes it more valuable than other emeralds and has a higher price. It is very costly and hard to find Real Emerald stones with no or few flaws.

Enhancements– Many kinds of enhancements are done to gemstones to make them shine. Emeralds are the same. Some of the common treatments Emerald undergoes include heating, glass-filling, and flux healing. These processes are legal, and they are done to stones like Emeralds to improve their beauty. This is not a problem and is safe to buy. We at Rashi Ratan Bhagya, the online gem Shop can help you find the right gemstone, talk to one of our experts today.

Hardness– Original Panna Stone has excellent durability and strength and scores a 9 on Moh’s scale for hardness. This quality makes it a very popular gemstone and a great choice for engagement rings and other jewelry that one can wear daily.”

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