The most challenging task is sorting through all of the software that appears to be identical. However, it is obvious that this is not the case. We have provided an overview of the features, costs, and demos of each so that you can quickly compare AthenaHealth EHR software with Azalea Health EHR software and decide for yourself what differentiates them from one another.


AthenaHealth EHR Software

The clinical community in the US (as well as other countries) has had access to specialized IT services thanks to AthenaHealth software for many years. Every list of comparisons highlights the company’s medical practice management system, AthenaHealth EMR. According to a thorough analysis, the software is excellent for managing your medical business operations and maintaining patient data effortlessly.


AthenaHealth EHR Features


Patient Engagement

By streamlining payments, enabling appointment self-scheduling, and delivering health information online, AthenaHealth EHR software makes it possible. Patients can consult with doctors, examine the results of lab tests, and ask for drug refills via mobile devices. For appointments, payments, and aftercare, automated reminders and notifications are also available.

Patients can simply set up appointments through the AthenaHealth EMR’s patient interface and view their most recent medical information, prescriptions, and dietary supplements. Healthcare professionals can also change the platform’s functionality to suit their practice’s needs, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce the manual scheduling that front desk employees must do.

Clinical Notes

You can use AthenaHealth to enter clinical remarks into the patient’s chart while reviewing the patient’s prior data. Vital signs, allergies, and medicines for the patient should be clear to see. You can use it to voice-record patient notes if you’re not the type of doctor who writes down their notes on a computer.


Electronic orders

Using the AthenaHealth program makes it feasible to make notes while ordering new tests, adding diagnoses, and electronically prescribing medications. After the appointment, you will be asked to review the diagnosis, prescription, and order specifics.


AthenaHealth EHR Pricing

Athenahealth offers encounter-based and percent-based payment tiers for their emr pricing. In accordance with the percent-based method, the Athenahealth software will cost your practice a specific proportion of its monthly revenue. You may get more information about Athenahealth ehr pricing by getting in touch with us.

AthenaHealth EHR Demo

Requesting an AthenaHealth demo will allow you to observe how the program functions in action and determine whether it is a good fit for you.


AthenaHealth EHR Reviews

According to online AthenaHealth reviews, this software has been most well-liked by those that adhere to modest practices. Overall, there are very few complaints from users.

Azalea Health EHR Software

Ambulatory clinics, remote healthcare institutions, and larger hospitals all use Azalea emr Software to boost productivity, revenue, and healthcare quality. A patient portal, data encryption, real-time data, revenue cycle management, telemedicine, and other features are among the features of the EHR system. The following list includes some of its best qualities.


Azalea Health EHR Features



Remote patient care and involvement are encouraged via interacting with the EHR, patient portal, and mobile apps. Patients and doctors can interact via text messaging and online video chat.

Patient Portal

The website offers a number of services for patients, including the ability to check lab results, access their medical history, get medication refills, pay bills, and more. Using telemedicine appointments and encrypted chat, patients can communicate with their doctors.


Made for Professionals

Nurses for nurses developed it, and it helps with scheduling, wrapping up, and documenting the day to increase productivity. access a four-hour schedule, flow sheets, flowchart notes, and orders.


Azalea Health EHR Pricing

Pricing structures are influenced by the size of the business and the number of employees. You may get a pricing quote by clicking the “get price” button. Request a free Azalea get pricingto receive an in-depth look at the software.

Azalea Health EHR Demo

Scheduling theAzalea demo is the only method to truly grasp its capabilities because it demonstrates how it functions and allows you to decide whether or not to purchase it.


Azalea Health EHR Reviews

According to Azalea reviews, the program offers the following benefits:

The level of patient care is improved by having real-time access to the patient’s medical record. accelerates patient appointments, leading to an increase in daily patient visits and an increase in revenue.

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AthenaHealth Vs. Azalea —Final Thoughts

AthenaHealth’s electronic medical record (EMR) software is designed for medical practices that need advanced practice management software and financial data. Personalized advice on how to keep up with high-income levels is desired by practitioners. A collections-based pricing model is an option for small or newly established practices that want to keep the price of their medical software down. The majority of these businesses are small to medium-sized and place a strong emphasis on data-driven business and healthcare efforts.

With the help of the EHR software, which presents real-time data and insights from a network of 135K clinicians, medical professionals can consult with more in-depth information during consultations. The company’s connections to the national frameworks for exchanging health data, Carequality and CommonWell, make it possible to share patient records quickly and easily through the network.

What we truly think of Azalea is as follows. Healthcare providers and personnel might find it helpful for scheduling, remote treatment, and patient communication. Doctors may obtain all of the information from a single page because of its simple and user-friendly architecture. Patients have the option of viewing their medical records at home, the office, or a hospital. In addition, Azalea provides a mobile app with a complete connection, an appointment reminder system, and a patient portal.

For healthcare professionals wishing to make sure their data is secure and in compliance with HIPAA rules, Azalea Health might be the best option. Data encryption, phishing-protected email, source code review, and penetration testing are features the software offers users to help keep their data secure. 

We hope our thorough analysis of both software has helped you choose which shoe would work best for your practice.

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