Sorting through all of the software that appears to be identical is the most difficult endeavor. That is clearly not the case, though. In order for you to rapidly compareAthenaHealth EMR software with Clinicient Insight EMR and determine for yourself what sets them apart from one another, we have provided an overview of the features, pricing, and demos of each.


AthenaHealth EMR Software

For many years, AthenaHealth has offered specialized IT services to the clinical community in the US (as well as other countries). The company’s medical practice management tool, AthenaHealth EMR, shines out in every list of comparisons. A high-level evaluation found that the software is great for handling your medical business operations and conveniently keeping patient data.


AthenaHealth EMR Features


Patient Engagement

AthenaHealth EMR software makes it feasible to deliver health information online, streamline payments, and enable appointment self-scheduling. Patients can use mobile devices to consult with doctors, review lab test results, and request medicine refills. There are also automated reminders and notifications for appointments, payments, and aftercare.

Through the patient portal of the AthenaHealth EMR, patients can easily schedule appointments and check their most recent medical records, medications, and nutritional supplements. Healthcare professionals can also modify the platform’s functionality to meet the demands of their practice, improve patient happiness, and lessen the amount of manual scheduling that front desk staff must perform.

Clinical Notes

While examining the patient’s prior information, you can use AthenaHealth to directly write clinical comments into the patient’s chart. The patient’s vital signs, allergies, and prescriptions ought to be visible. If you’re not the type of doctor who types notes, you can use it to voice-record patient notes.


Electronic orders

Making notes while placing fresh test orders, adding diagnoses, and electronically prescribing drugs is possible with the AthenaHealth program. At the conclusion of the appointment, you will be asked to review the diagnosis, prescription, and order details.


AthenaHealth EMR Pricing

Two payment tiers are available through Athenahealth’s emr pricing: encounter-based and percent-based. The athenahealth software will cost your practice a certain percentage of its monthly revenue under the percent-based method. By contacting us, you may learn more about the costs of athenahealth.

AthenaHealth EMR Demo

You can request anAthena emr demo to see how the software works in action and to evaluate whether it is a good fit for you.


AthenaHealth EMR Reviews

The people that follow small practices have favored this software the most. User satisfaction is really high overall.

What is Clinicient Insight EMR Software?

Clinicient’s Insight EMR software offers an effective integrated practice management and invoicing solution that may be used by clinical facilities that adhere to the “rehabilitation centers” services paradigm. This specialty interface’s main objective is to enhance and modernize the tools and user interfaces that therapists can utilize on this platform.


Clinicient Insight EMR Features


Report Generator

Reporting is one of the key problems with medical software. For Insight EMR, the significance of reporting is on par with that of all other functions. This is one way that medical professionals and therapists evaluate their own effectiveness. The program generates reports and analyses data.


Financial Management

Due to its seamless integration with the EHR, the CRM in this solution improves the efficacy of therapy. Additionally, it gives better prices and may invoice. Another area that is handled by the tool is denial management.


Document Management

Making planning for the future makes sense. This mainly sought to satisfy the clinical requirements of medical professionals and therapists. This feature serves as an example of how different steps are carried out.


Clinicient Insight EMR Pricing

Clinicient Insight EMR pricing starts at $50 a month; however, you can utilize the website to request a quote based on your individual requirements.


Clinicient Insight EMR Demo

A demo is ideal if you’re still considering buying the product and would like to understand its features, traits, and general performance. Clients can schedule a Clinicient Insight emr demo at any moment in addition.


Clinicient Insight EMR Reviews

On the basis of onlineClinicient Insight EMR reviews, it is safe to assume that the program has won praise for being user-friendly and that its customer support has gotten excellent evaluations as well.

AthenaHealth EMR Vs. Clinicient Insight EMR Software—Final Thoughts

When it comes toAthenaHealth emr software, it is made for medical practices that require sophisticated practice management software and financial data. Practises want personalized guidance on how to maintain high-income levels. Small or newly established practices may choose a collections-based pricing model to reduce the cost of their medical software.

These companies are generally modest to medium-sized and put a lot of emphasis on data-driven business and healthcare initiatives. Medical practitioners can access more detailed information during consultations thanks to the EHR software, which surfaces real-time data and insights from a network of 135K clinicians. The network also permits easy patient record exchange because to the company’s connections to the national frameworks for exchanging health data, Carequality and CommonWell.

From a clinician’s standpoint, firms may increase throughput while upholding industry standards thanks to the distinctive and flexible architecture of EMR. If you need an EMR and therapeutic software to assist your PT, OT, or SLP organization, Clinicient Insight emr software can be the answer. Given its streamlined processes and enhanced results, it is understandable why so many businesses use this platform for their needs. Clinicient Insight sets itself apart from several of its rivals by being HL-7 compatible or being simple to integrate with other technologies to enable proper information sharing.

While giving you a thorough understanding of the clinical data, the personalized analytics and reports will also help you streamline the process in your practice. One of the most amazing advantages of the platform is its fully optimized mobile schedule app, which enables therapists to conveniently and rapidly check their schedules on their phones.

After reading our in-depth study of both software, we hope you can now decide which shoe will work best for your practice.

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