Delhi to Shimla Kullu Manali

North India is a region known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes. It further promises an joyful trip that captures the essence of this amazing region. From the bustling streets of Delhi to the serene hills of Shimla. Further from the adventurous valleys of Kullu, and the enchanting beauty of Manali. This best Shimla Manali tour packages from Delhi offers a delightful journey through the best of North India. So, fasten your seat belts and get ready for an immersive virtual adventure. A trip from Delhi to Shimla Kullu Manali helps you to explore its hidden gem.

Delhi: The Gateway to North India

Delhi is known as the gateway to North India. The tour from Delhi to Shimla Kullu Manali starts from the capital city. The gateway to North India.

Delhi is a vibrant metropolis, having ancient landmarks, buildings, and unique blend of cultures. Begin your tour from the great Red Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Above all, it was once the residence of Mughal emperors. They are further minutely designed palaces, gardens, and Diwan i Aam and Diwan i Khas.

From there, go to Jama Masjid, one of the largest and significant mosques in India. Marvel at its grandeur and soak in the peaceful climate.

A visit to Chandni Chowk, one of the oldest and busiest marketplaces in Delhi. Further, a must for taste of the citys vibrant street life and street food.

Visit to Raj Ghat, a memorial of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation. After that, drive along the majestic Rajpath to witness the architectural marvel of India Gate. It is further a war memorial that stands as symbol of pride and sacrifice.

Delhi also boasts various museums and centers. You can visit the National Museum, one of the largest museums in India.

Next, the National Gallery of Modern Art which contains more than 17000 art works. Further you should also visit the Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum. In short, these centers provide a deeper insight into Indias old times.

Shimla: A Hill Station Paradise

Leaving behind the bustling Delhi, our journey takes us to the tranquil hills of Shimla. In our tour from Delhi to Shimla Kullu Manali it is our next stop.

Shimla is further nestled in the lap of the Himalayas. Shimla, a famous hill station known for its cool climate, colonial buildings, and stunning vistas. As you wind your way up the hills, meanwhile will see the beauty of region.

The heart of Shimla lies in Mall Road, a bustling street. Mall road is further lined with shops, restaurants, and colonial era buildings.

Take a stroll along the Ridge, offers stunning views of the mountains and nearby valleys. After that, visit the Christ Church, an architectural marvel with beautiful stained glass windows. The windows adds to the old world charm of the place.

Jakhoo temple

For a deeper connection with nature, explore the nearby Chadwick Falls. Here falling water amidst lush greenery creates a charming spectacle. Adventure lovers can embark on thrilling treks to Jakhoo Hill, the highest point in Shimla.

Further they can witness the great Jakhoo Temple of the Lord Hanuman. It not only offers spiritual solace but also provides an chance to meet monkeys. Above all it is a sacred place in Hindu mythology.

To get a taste of the colonial times, pay a visit to the Viceregal Lodge. It used to be the summer residence of the British viceroys.

This architectural marvel now serves as the Indian Institute of Advanced Study. You can further walk through its grand halls and well maintained gardens. In short, tour from Delhi to Shimla Kullu Manali, allows you immerse in past.

Kullu: Valley of Adventure and Spirituality

Leaving the peace of Shimla, our next spot is the Kullu Valley. Nestled on the banks of the Beas River, a heaven for adventurers and spiritual seekers.

It is further surrounded by snow clad mountains, dense forests, and pristine valleys. In short, Kullu offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and thrills.

Start by seeing the Raghunath Temple, an ancient shrine dedicated to Lord Rama. The temples ancient buiding and spiritual ambiance further makes it a must visit for hindus. Above all it is also a great place for architecture lovers.

Kullu is also famous for its thrilling activities. The Beas River further offers great chances for white water rafting.

Here you can navigate the gushing rapids and immerse yourself in the thrill. For those seeking a spiritual retreat, a visit to Manikaran Sahib is must. Above all, known for hot springs and the Gurudwara that attracts people from all places.

Nature lovers can explore the Great Himalayan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Further, making it a paradise for wildlife seekers and trekkers. Embark on a trek through the scenic valleys and encounter the vibrant birdlife. Above all, you can soak in the serenity of this pristine eco system.

Manali: Enchanting Beauty and Adventure

The final leg of our tour takes us to the hill station of Manali. It is in the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges.

Manali is a place that further enchants visitors with its snow covered peaks. Above all, its meandering rivers and scenic landscapes present a charming view.

Rohtang Pass, located about 50kms from Manali, is a heaven for adventure and nature lover. Further, enjoy the thrills of snowboarding and skiing in the winter months. Meanwhile, simply revel in the stunning views of the nearby mountains and glaciers.

The Solang Valley is further known as the adventure playground of Manali. It offers a wide range of sports for example paragliding, zorbing, and cable car rides.

Above all It will amaze both adventure seeker or a nature lover. The Solang Valley will leave you spellbound with its beauty and thrill.

Meanwhile, visit the Hadimba Temple, an ancient temple of Goddess Hadimba Devi. Having long deodar trees all around, the temple further exudes a calm aura. Above all offers a scenic view to see.

Exploring Manalis local markets is also a must do. The bustling Mall Road is filled with shops offering handicrafts, woolens, and souvenirs.

You can further immerse yourself in the local culture and flavors of local cuisine. Meanwhile, you can also talk with the warm and hospitable locals.


A tour from Delhi to Shimla, Kullu, and Manali contains the best of North India. It offers a blend of historical grandeur, natural beauty, adventure, and spiritual experiences.

You can see from vibrant streets of Delhi to the serene hills of Shimla. Further, Move on to the valleys of Kullu to the beauty of Manali. Each place leaves an indelible mark on the soul.

This journey allows you to witness the rich cultural heritage and feel the thrills. Meanwhile you can immerse yourself in the awe inspiring landscapes of North India.

So, pack your bags, embark on this tour. Let the wonders of Delhi, Shimla, Kullu, and Manali create memories that will last lifetime.

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