The leather jackets are in high demand because of their rugged rebelliousness and timeless appeal. However, different styles of men’s leather jackets go beyond the fashion realm, serving uniqueness and classiness in their go-to clothing game. For this reason, they have become the one-of-a-kind stylish staple for the men’s wardrobe. From classic bombers to trendy biker jackets, it maximizes coolness and masculine charm in the best possible manner. As mentioned in our guide, you can allure your look by opting for any men’s leather jacket style.

Does the Color Enhance the Leather Jacket Style?

Yes, color can ensure your outfit game’s rugged or modern charm. These leather jackets also exude matchless trendiness while featuring classic and vibrant colors inspired by Hollywood. You may consider many dashing celebrities, such as Tom Cruise, Ryan Gosling, Dwayne Johnson, etc., slaying their outfit game with men’s brown leather jackets. They also influenced viewers when opting for vibrant-colored leather jackets, such as blue, green, white, red and yellow. But mostly, people adore the classic colors, such as black, brown, grey, etc. However, the loaded approach inspires many style-savvy men to embellish their go-to appearance like time.

What Styles of Men’s Leather Jackets Are in Fashion?

Although bomber and biker styles of leather jackets have a massive fan base among fashion-forward men, more options slay the fashion game with their unparalleled durability, adaptability, classic colors, and exquisite design. When considering the most demanding styles of leather jackets for men in 2024, they are one-of-a-kind options.

Classic Leather Jackets:

They are traditional leather jackets with simple yet minimalist details and go classy with any colored outfit. Both brown and black leather jackets for men are considered fashionable, delivering a chic and relaxed casual semblance. Rock your go-to clothing in full swing with their matchless attachment to zipper closures, standard collars, such as shirt style or stand-up, and open hem cuffs.

Bomber Leather Jackets:

Another style is bomber jackets, formulated for pilots in the mid-twentieth century. They feature precise chicness, including hardware and accessories to add a voguish touch. They are a top-notch wardrobe staple with fine craftsmanship on the zip front, ribbed or hem cuffs, and waist-length silhouettes, elevating the go-to style of modern men. Celebrities like Ryan Gosling and Kanye West highly promoted the trend through promotional events and by portraying dedicated characters in movies.

Biker Leather Jackets

The biker jacket, first invented in 1920, became the most styled outerwear and a mega-hit for its zipper details. However, Harley Davidson riders enhance the trend and make their style one-of-a-kind among trend-driven men. The biker jacket is embellished with the addition of zipper frontals, cuffs, lapels, shirts, snap-tabs, and stand-up collars. Besides, the delicate addition of accessories, such as studs, shoulder epaulets, quilted design, and padded touch, makes the outerwear the center of attention.

Varsity Leather Jackets

Varsity jackets, also called lettermen jackets, are embellished with ribbed details to secure the unique touch. They are also sports fashion, where international basketball, baseball, or football teams feature it with the addition of their logos and wordmarks. Also, you may find a chic, exquisite striped design on the collar, cuffs, or lower edge. It enhances the classiness of its outlook. The best part about varsity jackets is that they are popular in the combo of duo colors, which sets them apart from the rest.

Studded Leather Jackets

The state-of-the-art fashion piece adorns metal studs and small round metal pieces to ensure the rockstar look. Many men style studded leather jackets for the chic yet bold fashion game, as they also come with high functionality. If you desire to make your go-to appearance rugged, opt for a red, black, or brown studded jacket, as they are dashing even from afar. They are designed skillfully to slay with any outfit and footwear where the attachment of the accessories remains the same as the classic or biker jackets.

Celebrities Who Influence Leather Jacket Style

Most style inspiration comes from celebrities rolling their fashion game in movies, TV series, or promotional events. Some draw inspiration from Hollywood, while others follow the influence of pop culture, whose style continues to be followed today.

  • Tom Cruise is the top choice when considering a fashion adventure. In the Mission Impossible and Top Gun franchises, he sets the next-level clothing game with jackets. He played the character of Ethan Hunt.
  • Michael Jackson, the king of pop, introduced leather jackets from pop culture, by styling them in black, white, or red in his concerts and music videos.
  • In the X-Men movie, Hugh Jackman slays his styling game while portraying his signature character, Wolverine.
  • Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, influenced with his style-conscious and macho look, reflected through leather jackets. It made him the second highest-paid actor. His get-up in The Other Guys is fashiony and remains ever-green.
  • Chris Evans has become a trendsetter for embellishing his sophisticated-looking notable character .” Captain America” by being a World War II veteran officer.


Men’s jackets are timeless and highly versatile, followed by celebrities or fashionistas. No matter what style or color of leather jacket you wear, you can embellish your style statement with suitable clothing, footwear, and accessories to make it head-turning. So, whether you choose a biker, bomber, or varsity jacket, proper dressing allures your appeal. It makes you dash in a single shot.

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