5 Methods to Find Out your Printer's IP Address

Connecting the printer to the computer has several ways: a USB port, Wi-Fi, or a LAN wire. Your printer lacks an IP address if it is linked to the PC via the USB connector. However, if the PC synchronizes through wireless Wi-Fi or local network interfaces, the printing device is given a network address to ensure steady operation.

Do you require the IP address of your printer on your local network? Finding your printer’s IP address will be useful if you need to share it with another user or set up a network printer on the network. Fortunately, getting your printer’s IP address on a Mac or Windows device is simple. The IP address is also listed in your router’s setup or can be printed out. In this post, we’ll explain how to determine the printer’s IP address and when doing so is particularly important.

Top 5 methods to find out your printer’s IP address

With their ability to increase productivity and efficiency, printers have established themselves as essential tools in homes and workplaces. But, knowing your printer’s IP address is essential when troubleshooting or configuring it. The IP address aids communication between your devices and the printer by acting as a digital postal code. In this blog post, we’ll look at 5 trustworthy ways to identify your printer’s IP address. Whether your printer is wired or wireless, Any of these techniques should work for you.

1. Use the Printer’s Display

The IP address can be found in the printer’s interface. The “Menu” or “Wrench” buttons on the gadget must all be pressed. Once there, you can change the technique’s settings. The “Configuration Report” or a menu containing all the default settings must be located there. To find the configuration information, print one of these reports. The network address, host computer’s name, and hardware address number will most likely be provided.

Many printers publish all available status details, including the amount of dye left in the replacement cartridge, the model’s number or alphabetic index, the name of the manufacturer, and the URL. Also, don’t forget to get the high-profile, latest-tech printers to manage the printing process. It would be best to approach the Printer Rental Dubai service provider to reach your desired printer.

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2. Via Windows 10

Right-clicking on the primary Start menu button will expand the Control Panel. In this instance, you won’t be able to use the search since the system does not identify the sought-after item based on the keywords given. The “Devices and Printers” item can be found in the Control Panel. Look closely at the properties as previously mentioned. Choose the web services tab from the choices box. It is where your printing device’s network information is kept.

Find the website’s email address. You can view the printer’s available information by clicking that link. You can use “Run” to access the list of connected devices in any version of Windows. Type control printers in the drop-down box using Latin characters by pressing the hotkey (in this case, Win+R).

3. Router settings

Your router ensures the steady operation of most devices linked to the local network. As a result, each available device’s network address is saved in its settings. To find the printer settings and location page, locate the “Home Network” in your router’s settings. The “Devices” tab should be chosen in the resulting window.

An exhaustive list of all connected network devices will appear right away. By name, you can quickly locate the printer. The MAC address and the IP you’re looking for are listed in the line next to the name of the printing device.

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4. Use network properties

The Share Center can determine the IP address of an Ethernet or Wi-Fi printing device connected to the network. Open an explorer window by pressing Windows+E, then select the “Network” tab. Go to the printer icon in the right-hand section of the tab that appears, click the menu option, and then select “Properties” from the list of options. You can locate the IP address you need in the new information window.

5. Printer software

Manufacturers of printers outfit their products with specialized software for troubleshooting and problem diagnosis. The printer’s network address is displayed in the device parameters section of the application when the developer launches it. The official software is installed From the disk included with the printing device. Additionally, the developers’ website offers a download for the distribution. Therefore, you must contact the printer rental Dubai manufacturers for the latest cloud-based software that bestows high-quality prints whenever possible.

Wrapping Up

The steps above should help you determine your printer’s IP address. The router is the equipment that assigns the web address to the linked devices; it is likely the data source with the highest degree of accuracy. The quickest and simplest method is to access the printer settings and print the relevant data. But if neither approach works, ensure the printer is properly linked to the computer and that the local network is up and running.

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