Discover Ghost Spirit Blend Gummies designed to emulate traditional delta-9 THC effects, with 20 350mg gummies per childproof jar providing up to 7000mg of premium Live Badder THC-A.

Flavored with vibrant flavors, these delightful edibles combine potency and enjoyment perfectly. Crafted for THC enthusiasts who haven’t found satisfaction from other edibles, these gummies are sure to please.

1. Natural Ingredients

Ghost’s Spirit Blend Gummies are an idyllic combination of nature’s riches. CBD extracted from hemp blends seamlessly with adaptogens and herbal extracts for an experience beyond ordinary.

Experience the delightful vibes as you share or indulge alone! To adjust dosage to individual tolerance, start with 1/2 of a gummy before gradually increasing it in increments as needed.

2. Delicious Flavors

Ghost Spirit Blend Gummies deliver an exquisite balance of flavors in each bite, offering a sweet treat with every crunch. Packed with 350mg of Spirit Blend, which features Live Badder and THCA for optimal chewing pleasure, every munch guarantees pure satisfaction!

These delicious gummies feature flavors such as Rainbow Mintz, French Cookies, Lucid Dream and Electric Lemonade to satisfy various palates. Farm Bill compliant and rigorously lab tested, these edibles deliver an unforgettable experience. C:\Users\pc23p\Downloads\spirit\5.jpg

3. High Potency

Ghost’s THCa gummies contain 350mg for powerful yet long-term and intense effects, featuring tantalizing flavors such as French Cookies or Electric Lemonade to cater for every palate and preference.

Each jar includes 20 individually-dosed gummies to satisfy any individual’s tastes and dosage requirements, making these the ideal treat to enjoy alone or share with friends during movie night or chill-out sessions.

4. Vegan-Friendly

Ghost Gummies aren’t your average edibles – their ghostly charm and tantalizing flavors like French Cookies, Electric Lemonade and Lucid Dream invite you to unlock your inner power.

Each jar holds approximately 7000mg of potency magic, featuring 20 350mg gummies for easy dosage customization and Live Badder THCa for an unforgettable euphoric experience. 2018 Farm Bill compliant and third-party lab tested edibles are designed for the gummy enthusiast!

5. Gluten-Free

Ghost’s latest offering is their high-potency Spirit Blend Gummies, packed with 350mg of their proprietary Spirit Blend containing both THCA and Live Badder for long-lasting, powerful effects that linger beyond just one bite.

Select from delectable flavors such as French Cookies, Lucid Dream and Electric Lemonade Gummies that have been rigorously lab-tested to ensure purity and potency. C:\Users\pc23p\Downloads\spirit\4.jpg

6. Non-GMO

Ghost Shadow Blend Gummies offer an exquisite experience with every bite, blending Delta 6 THC and THCa with extracts from Liquid Diamonds for an extraordinary experience. Additionally, these 2018 Farm Bill compliant edibles have been third party lab tested.

Each jar includes 20 Spirit Blend gummies containing 350mg of Live Badder THC-A for your enjoyment – flavors such as French Cookies, Electric Lemonade, Lucid Dream and Rainbow Mintz are sure to please your palate.

7. Enhanced Absorption

No matter the occasion or your tastebuds’ desires, these products provide an irresistibly delicious combination of taste and potency.

Both products contain high amounts of sodium, which could present challenges to those with specific dietary requirements. Furthermore, neither product has been third-party tested, which could pose problems for athletes seeking authentic supplements.

8. Mood-Boosting Benefits

Mood gummies are like magic tricks designed to ease life’s emotional roller coaster ride. Their carefully chosen ingredients aim to balance body, mind, and spirit – providing instantaneous relief when emotions run high.

Get started on a journey towards holistic wellbeing with Ghost Spirit Blend Gummies. Each jar includes 20 delectable gummies infused with 350mg of Live Badder THC-A, giving you access to delightful flavors like Rainbow Mintz, Lucid Dream and Electric Lemonade – choose your own adventure now!

9. Convenient Dosage

Ghost has revolutionized edible innovation with their potency gummies, boasting high dosages and an assortment of flavors to offer consumers a satisfying experience. From an energy boost to an euphoric high, Ghost’s potency gummies offer something satisfying for every consumer.

Begin your taste bud adventure with these sublime treats! Made with 7000mg of premium live badder THC-A in each jar, every bite offers an explosion of pleasure! C:\Users\pc23p\Downloads\spirit\3.jpg

10. Positive Customer Reviews

Ghost Spirit Blend Gummies provide a steady pillar in the search for equilibrium in an ever-evolving wellness industry, their blend of natural ingredients creating a feast for the senses that transcends wellness fads.

These delectable gummies are designed to elevate your cannabis experience, offering 350mg of Live Badder THCa across 20 delectable candies. Made with care and attention, each is rigorously lab-tested to guarantee quality and potency.

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