Top Trending GAMES TO Play Online IN 2023

GTA 5 Online, COD, PUBG, Rainbow Six, Free Fire, and FIFA 22. These games are trending and are the most popular games for us to play online in 2022. If you don’t have an internet connection then you can play some offline games


Despite its small size, FIFA 22 has more features than its predecessor. The Game features more in-depth player growth and new gameplay elements. In addition to that, players can play in thirty different leagues around the world.

FIFA 22 is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia. It is targeted for next-gen consoles and features a number of improvements. These include new gameplay elements, such as the new UEFA Europa Conference League and VOLTA game mode.

FIFA 22 has a new feature called “Power Shots,” which increases the speed of the ball to send it to the goal. However, the new mechanic requires more accuracy. Players can also earn “Volta Coins” for their performances. These can be used to improve passing, tackling, and shooting.

Another new feature is “player archetypes.” These give players a set of attributes that they can build on. This allows players to select their preferred style of play. For example, they can create a team with high-tempo players.

Another new feature is “Skill Meters,” which add multipliers to goals. This gives players a more realistic feel to matches.

FIFA 22 also includes the “Create-a-Club” feature. This allows players to create their club in any league. In addition, they can also choose to play in a “Classic XI” team.

Top Trending GAMES TO Play Online IN 2022


Having been around for nine years, GTA Online has become one of the best online multiplayer experiences of its kind. It offers a plethora of activities, from vehicle races to death matches. It also has a rich content creation scene.

While you can’t buy a car from your supporters in GTA Online, there are many ways to enjoy a good old-fashioned heist. This is particularly the case when you take advantage of the MMORPG experience, Game, where you can switch between different characters and perspectives.

The best part of GTA Online is the sheer breadth of content. You can find everything from races to casino trips, smuggler tasks, and vehicle races. It also has an exciting story mission, GTA 5’s best feature. The Contract, which has Franklin and Lamar as its apex characters, is the most recent major update.

The best part about GTA Online is that you can play it for free. You can also join friends and family for some online multiplayer mayhem. But, if you’re looking for a hook to keep you going, you’re better off sticking to the single-player campaign.

GTA Online also has many other notable features, including the ability to download content from other players. The Game also includes a free-roam mode, allowing players to drive around and explore the world without restrictions.

Top Trending GAMES TO Play Online IN 2022


Whether you have an Xbox or a PlayStation, the Call of Duty franchise has your back. The latest iteration re-enforces this notion with some well thought out upgrades. One of the highlights of the new Game is its multiplayer mode, where teams of up to six players go head to head in a variety of maps to test their mettle in a variety of game modes. In addition to the new maps and modes, players will try out new weapon upgrades like the Ghost Spectacular, a new sniper rifle, and a reimagined Ghost squad.

PUBG stands out as the clear winner in the games that matter. Other top performers include Call of Duty: WWII, which its maker is touting as one of the top titles for the next few years. The biggest question remains, will Activision’s juggernaut hold off the stiff competition? The aces mentioned above will be tough to dislodge, not to mention their savvier competition in the console department.

It should be no surprise that this year’s edition of the console is the biggest spender in the genre, as it is arguably the most appealing. Adding to the oomph factor is the addition of the Xbox Game Pass.

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PUBG, or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, is an online multiplayer game that follows the Battle Royale genre. Players gather weapons, vehicles, throwables, and healing items as they attempt to survive until the end of the match. The last player standing wins the Game and receives the “Chicken Dinner.”

PUBG is available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS devices. Players can enter as a solo or team.

The Game has an active community of dedicated players. The player count increased significantly after the Game transitioned to free-to-play. The Game has also received positive reviews from critics. It has been nominated for multiple Game of the Year awards.

As of the end of 2018, PUBG has sold more than 75 million copies, making it the fourth-best-selling Game on Steam and the second-best-selling Game on PlayStation 4. In addition, it has been named a PC Game of the Year by the Entertainment Software Association.

PUBG has also been nominated for Best Mobile Game at the 2018 Game Awards. In addition, the Game won Best Multiplayer Game at the 2017 Game Awards.

PUBG has also won several Game of the Year nominations. In August, it surpassed League of Legends to become the third-most-popular Game on Steam.

Top Trending GAMES TO Play Online IN 2022


Among the Online games released in the past few years, one of the most popular is a mobile game called Free Fire. As you might guess from the name, it’s a battle royale game. But it’s not just a multiplayer shooter; you can build structures with collected materials and break down anything on the map.

As of January 2022, Free Fire had 24 million installs and was the world’s most downloaded mobile Game. The Game was developed by 111dots Studio and is available for iOS and Android.

Unsurprisingly, Free Fire topped the charts as the most popular mobile Game of the year. The Game’s developers have been adding features and tweaking gameplay, and it seems they still need to finish it. They are adding new maps, weapons, and more. The Game has an active community of over 6 million players and has even been featured in the latest edition of PlayStation magazine.

Although Free Fire isn’t the first to get the credit for the most popular mobile Game of the year, it is the best. The Game is highly customizable, with players choosing from various outfits and weapons, and the Game keeps players on their toes with regular monthly Lucky Royale events.

Top Trending GAMES TO Play Online IN 2022

Among Us

Among Us is an action game around a spaceship with different units. The crew is under attack by a lethal intruder and must kill him to advance. Players will be given a few weapons to use to combat the enemy. Some of the units will also be able to turn into powerful cyborgs.

Among Us is free to play. It can be downloaded via the Google Play Store. However, it requires an internet connection. The Game supports up to 15 players online. There are also options to play with friends on different devices, but they will need to be on the same server.

Among Us is also available for VR. In addition, the Game will support local WiFi and allow players to use the in-game chat feature. This is an excellent feature because it allows players to discuss the Game with friends while playing.

The Game is also available for iOS and Android devices. It has various modes, including a mode that allows up to eight players to play at the same time. In addition, it has themes of trust, betrayal, and survival.

The Game features a very enticing storyline and includes some exciting meta-game unlocks. It also has a thriving esports scene.

Top Trending GAMES TO Play Online IN 2022

Rainbow Six

Whether you play it on PC or console, Rainbow Six Siege is a highly coveted and popular multiplayer shooter. It features realistic gunplay, tactical gameplay, and dynamic maps. There’s a plethora of Operators to choose from, and you can customize your Operator to suit your play style.

Rainbow Six is an esports staple and draws thousands of fans every year. However, the Game has faced some challenges. Ubisoft has changed the Game and is balancing its game modes. There are also new Operators arriving regularly.

Rainbow Six is an online tactical shooter that rewards communication and teamwork. The Game features an immersive atmosphere and a colorful cast of Operators. You can choose to play a 5v5 match or join a co-op mission. The Game has a high barrier of entry so that new players can jump in with the Rainbow Six Starter Edition.

Top Trending GAMES TO Play Online IN 2022

Ubisoft constantly updates Rainbow Six: Siege and the Game’s operators and maps. In addition, it’s continually adding new content and cosmetics. The Game also supports cross-generation lobbies, allowing both Xbox One and Series X players to join. The Game also supports cross-play, which is a growing trend in the gaming industry. This feature also allows console players to join up with PC players.

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