Top Tips on How to Improve English Writing Skills Quickly?


If you are here to improve your English writing skills, then you are doing the first step right. Which is to read as much as you can. If you are tired of finding the solution to improve your writing skills. Then don’t worry I will give you all the essential and valuable information that you can use to enhance your English writing. 

English is an international language. And many countries around the world teach their younger generation the English language. Because it is the language that can be understood in a lot of countries around the world. So, let’s talk about how to improve your English writing skills. 

1)Create the habit to read more:

You cannot write good English unless you read it somewhere. Because the brain stores the words, sentences, and phrases you read. And when you start writing your brain will suggest you the words you remember. And that is why reading newspapers, blogs (what you are doing right now), books, and publications increases your brain’s capacity to think more and write more interactive and engaging content according to the audience.

If you are writing an email to a CEO then without reading the process and good examples you cannot achieve the level in your email that you want. And same applies to others. Try reading more books and note down words and how they are used in the sentence. And then try to rephrase them. And by practicing these you will unlock the potential of your brain to think better at choosing words. So, eventually, it increases your writing skills.

2)Use the English Language Dictionary:

Keep the dictionary with and when you read a new word. Then search for it in the dictionary and learn its meaning. And try to make different types of sentences from that word. So, this way you will learn new vocabulary and your brain will remember the word.

3)Work on Your Grammar:

This is one of the most significant and the most complex parts of improving English writing skills. Most non-English speakers face a lot of grammar issues. And with these issues, the whole document looks unclear and messy. And nobody wants that, right? Nobody wants to read a document that is easy to understand. So, that is why working on grammar is one of the most significant parts of English writing skills. You should not know where to put the right and how to use it. And you should also have the knowledge of how to write a perfect sentence. 

For this, you should watch English movies and listen to their conversation. Try talking in English with any other person to know your flaws. You can also use apps to get better suggestions. And this makes it easy for you to know the exact place of the words. Usually, people are stuck in the usage of tenses and prepositions. So, you should watch YouTube videos, read and listen to conversations to make it better. Learn more with assignment help in Dubai and they will give more information.

4)Spelling mistakes:

Don’t forget to check the spelling mistakes in the written content. There are also some tools available that will help you to correct the spelling mistakes in your document. Try to add long-tail words to increase your knowledge of spellings.

5)Write your thoughts in English:

You should keep a diary where you can write about your daily life routine or your thoughts. Think in English and put down all your thoughts in the English language. Try to add those words that you learned and make new sentences to increase the level of your writing skills. And this will help you write down your feelings onto the paper. And when you do that you can also write other types of documents efficiently.

6)Learn the organization skills of the paragraphs:

You should know that the paragraph is written in many parts. The first part is the main topic sentences. Then writers use the supporting sentence to make the topic clearer and in the end the conclusion part of the paragraph. Try writing paragraphs on these three parts and then you will be able to generate high-quality paragraphs for the document.

7)Go Basic to advance: 

When you know how to write perfect sentences and big paragraphs then after practicing the writing you should learn the advanced words for that similar words you use in your documents. And this will make your document look more professionally written. And will be familiar with the advanced words and phrases of the English language.

8)Create the whole outline of the document:

Now you know all the things to reach from basic to advance. So, you are ready to start enhancing your writing skills. Just think about the topic you want to write and create an outline of it and start making your writing skills better. 

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