More than half of all daily travels are also shorter than three miles, making them ideal for a bike ride that is beneficial to the environment.

Bicycling was even mentioned by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2021 as a way to guarantee a sustainable future for all people. Let’s examine how this one simple modification to your commute routine greatly contributes to environmental protection for Burchda Bikes Coupon.

Fresher Air

The tailpipes of moving automobiles emit hazardous substances, chemicals, and gases into the atmosphere, which adds to air pollution. This has an impact on both the planet’s and our health.

Bicycles are powered by human power and don’t use gasoline, thus they don’t pollute the environment.

Biking reduces fuel usage, compared to the nearly five metric tons of carbon dioxide that a typical passenger vehicle emits annually from burning fuel.

Lower Noise

Noise pollution is caused by the cacophony that cars make. These unsettling noises have an adverse effect on the environment, harming ecosystems and endangering human health.

Less engine noise and traffic congestion are produced when noisy cars are replaced by quiet bikes, both of which contribute to a better environment.

Optimistic Future

Future generations are at risk from the impacts of climate change, including wildfires, droughts, and more severe occurrences. Biking is a valid climate solution because transportation is one of the main factors contributing to the rise of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which results in that warming effect fueling these catastrophic events.

A modest increase in riding each year could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 6 to 14 million tons. Increased warmth is caused by this chemical molecule when concentrations reach unsustainable levels.

Every trip made on two wheels rather than behind the wheel is better for the environment, much like a day with good air quality. Biking is not only a more environmentally friendly option, but it is also more economical and better for your health.

No Gas, No Pollution

By not using any gas, bikes don’t release harmful emissions that pollute the atmosphere, nor any carbon dioxide that contributes to climate change. Just moderate increases in bicycle use each year could save an estimated 6 to 14 million tons of CO2.

Creates a need for more green spaces  

If more people walk or cycle, we’ll need more traffic-free spaces.

And many of these will be green spaces. Areas with trees, plants and wildlife.

This is important for the environment because trees and other plants take some of the carbon dioxide out of the air.

They, therefore, reduce our carbon emission levels and increase clean air. 

Better air quality and green, open spaces are not only good for the environment but they’re also good for our physical health and for our mental health too. 

Access to the outdoors and being able to move safely around local areas have also never been more important than throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. 

An increase in demand means that local governments can work to re-design our cities and towns for the health and safety of the community.

Harmful Chemicals Are Reduced

We usually think of gas as the only pollutant when it comes to cars, but they also use antifreeze and other fluids that are bad for the environment. Biking instead of driving cuts down on all of them.

More Bikes Equals Fewer Roads 

More cars mean more roads need to be built, which causes water run-off that contributes to ground and water pollution. More bikes mean moreBiking paths and lanes which are more sustainable.

Noise Is Also Pollution

We rarely think of noise pollution when it comes to cars, that is unless you live by a busy street. Swapping bike rides for drives will make your neighborhood quieter to everyone’s benefit.

  • Reduces Pollution

Bikes don’t release harmful emissions that pollute the atmosphere or carbon dioxide that contributes to climate change. Just moderate increases in bicycle use each year could save an estimated 6 to 14 million tons of CO2 Biking, according to a UCLA publication.

  • Reduces Harmful Chemicals

Cars use antifreeze and other fluids that are bad for the environment. Biking instead of driving reduces their use.

  • Reduces Noise

Swapping bikes for cars makes the outdoors quieter and less stressful for all.

Active transportation, including biking and walking, is a priority for OCTA.

During Bike Month in May, OCTA promotes the numerous benefits of cycling to inspire more people to embrace this healthy, environmentally friendly, and enjoyable mode of transportation. The OCTA Bike Month webpage includes an opportunity to pledge to win prizes for cycling and information about bike safety and biking with transit.

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