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Knowing multiple languages add value to your career and opens doors to better opportunities in life. In addition, students who understand more than one language have familiarity with different cultures, and their exposure to the outside world is better. That is why nursery schools in Dubai have started focusing on teaching a second language to their students. During the UAE school admission 2023, parents will probably get an option to choose the second language they want their child to learn, and the training will begin right from that phase.

Now many of you might wonder how a child can grasp two different languages at an early age! On the contrary, the child can learn languages much more conveniently than adults as their curiosity level is high. In addition, they will be more interested in new experiences, making their schooling journey exciting. 

Advantages of learning a second language at an early age

There are countless benefits that a child can enjoy if he learns a second language at the nursery school level. Some of these advantages are listed below. 

Improves Brain Functioning

Learning two different languages would require active brain functioning. Students would have to process the information, memorize things, and gain proficiency in both languages. Hence, their brain muscles would flex a lot, and they would have dense grey matter. Moreover, their cognitive skills will get better, which will have a positive impact on their future. Hence, a second language at an early age can actually help improve the overall academic score. 

Boosts Empathy 

Knowing another language is similar to understanding the cultural values of the region. Students learning another language would get familiar with the uniqueness of other cultures. Moreover, they will learn to respect their differences. Such children have empathy towards the beliefs and values of other cultures and would develop tolerance towards those who are different from them. 

Better Social Skills

Learning another language would increase the inclination towards interacting with more people who can converse in that language. Additionally, it will encourage children to explore the world and visit places where people use that language, and eventually, their social skills will improve. Moreover, once they understand the language and have empathy and compassion towards another culture, they will spread the same message to others, making society a better place to live. 

Ability to Multitask

To survive in this competitive market, one has to master the skill of multitasking. When a child learns an added language at an early age, he gets a glimpse of this skill, and with time, he keeps getting better at it. Memorizing two different languages and learning their literature and more together simultaneously is the best way to make a child learn everything about multitasking at a tender age. Once they are proficient at it, they will find it easy to handle different tasks at any stage in life. 

Added Career Opportunities

Lastly, knowing multiple languages is a highlight in your CV. Children may not ripe the benefits right after joining nursery schools in Dubai. However, as they enter the professional world, they will have an edge over others. They will be eligible to join jobs that require exposure to different languages and cultures. Moreover, relocation will never be an issue for them as they wouldn’t have to think twice about the adaptability factor.

Apart from all these benefits, young children love to learn new things. So if the teacher uses innovative ways to teach them another language, it will increase their overall engagement in school and studies. The only thing that parents would have to ensure is to choose the language wisely.

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