Public liability

If you’re involved in an accident or are the victim of someone else’s negligence, it can be difficult to know who is responsible and what rights you have. In Ireland, public liability laws can be confusing. Here we explain what public liability insurance is and how it works so that you’ll be able to protect yourself if needed.

What is public liability?

Public liability insurance is a legal obligation to compensate anyone who suffers injury, death or damage as a result of your actions. It is required by law in Ireland and covers you against claims made by other people.

Public liability insurance does not apply to cars because they are covered under comprehensive car insurance policies instead.

Do I need to buy public liability insurance?

If you’re a sole trader or partnership, you are not required to have public liability insurance. If your business is a limited company, however, it is mandatory that all businesses have public liability insurance. This is due to the fact that limited companies are legally liable for any injuries or property damage caused by their employees and/or agents while they are working on behalf of the company.

If an employee causes an accident while on duty and does not have insurance cover in place at all times (for example if they forget), then this could result in serious consequences for both parties involved: for example if someone trips over an electrical cable left lying around outside of work hours but still connected into power source inside building walls, then he or she could sue both employer company responsible for maintaining safe environment as well as individual contractor who installed wiring system but failed take precautions against potential hazards associated with working alone outdoors during night hours without proper lighting sources available nearby – despite being aware beforehand about possible dangers involved when working under such conditions.”

Who can claim compensation from me under public liability laws?

You may have been injured or suffered damage in a variety of circumstances. For example, you could have been injured by someone else’s negligence, or you may have suffered damage when a dangerous product caused harm to your property.

In this section we look at who can claim compensation from you under public liability laws and what they need to show for their claim.

What types of accidents are covered by Ireland’s public liability laws?

You may be surprised to learn that Ireland’s public liability laws cover accidents caused by:

  • Dangerous products. If you’re injured by a product that was faulty, or if you suffer an injury as a result of consuming food or drink that was contaminated with bacteria, you could make a claim against the shopkeeper who sold it to you.
  • Dangerous animals. If you’re bitten by an aggressive dog while walking down the street, or if your pet is harmed while in its owner’s care at home or elsewhere (for example, if an animal trainer uses force on your dog), then this would also be covered under Ireland’s public liability laws.
  • Dangerous premises/buildings/structures (including roads). If there is no warning sign alerting pedestrians that they are entering dangerous territory–such as when crossing over train tracks without barriers–then this could give rise to claims under Ireland’s public liability laws

When can I claim for injuries or damage caused by a dangerous product?

You can claim for injuries or damage caused by a dangerous product if:

  • the product is defective,
  • it has caused injury or damage, and
  • it is dangerous (i.e., not fit for purpose).

You should be aware of your rights when it comes to public liability insurance.

You should be aware of your rights when it comes to public liability insurance. This type of insurance is mandatory in Ireland and covers any injuries or damage caused by a dangerous product. You can claim for personal injury, loss or damage to property, legal costs and expenses that arise as a result of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence.

There are some situations where you may not be eligible for compensation under this policy though; if you’re injured while trespassing on private property or if an act was committed intentionally against another person then they won’t be able to claim from their insurer either (unless there was no other reasonable way for them to avoid being harmed).


In Ireland, it’s important to know your rights when it comes to Public liability claim. If you’ve been injured or damaged by someone else’s negligence, then you can make a claim for compensation under these laws. It doesn’t matter if the accident happened at home or at work – as long as it involved an individual who was employed by an organisation that has public liability insurance coverage in place then they will be responsible for paying out any damages awarded by a court judgement.

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