Nootan Physics Class 12

Understanding physics well in school education is crucial as it lays the foundation for higher technical studies. Along with the educational institute, a good Physics book helps students develop analytical and problem-solving skills while providing a deeper plunge into understanding the natural world.

Nootan Physics Class 12 is a textbook that aids as a complete study guide well-designed to deepen students’ understanding of Physics concepts. The book navigates through a wide spectrum of topics. Written in clear and concise language, it facilitates an easy grasp of even the most complex ideas.

About The Book- Nootan Physics Class 12

Nageen Prakashan’s Nootan Physics Class 12 is a comprehensive textbook written by Kumar and Mittal. The book comes in two parts and is built upon taking into consideration the latest guidelines in the ICSE examinations syllabus. Both Part 1 and 2 comprise five units each. The content in the book is recognised for being backed by examples from everyday life that help students in mastering basic concepts of Physics and nailing their Class 12 board exams.

8 Ways Nootan Physics Class 12 Simplifies Your Physics Understanding

The effective approach of the book helps students improve their understanding and perform better in their Physics exams in the following ways:

Clear Explanations

The book provides simple and concise descriptions of theories, making it less complicated for students to understand. Moreover, every concept is backed up with real-life examples to further ease comprehension.

Simple Language

The book uses the most accessible and simple English language to assure that students understand the concepts easily. The author has made a successful effort to use simple sentences to aid in easy learning with no complex tones and bombastic words.

Adherence to the latest ISC Syllabus

It is designed entirely according to the latest ISC syllabus, which involves every specific knowledge a student would require in context to the board examination. The topics and chapter structure focus on the concepts according to their degree of importance. After getting this book, a student need not look for other books to prepare for their Physics examinations.

Easy-to-understand Diagrams and Illustrations

As visual representations of information help to make complex concepts more accessible and tangible, this book makes good use of diagrams, flowcharts, comparative tables, graphs and other illustrations. Students get a more intuitive understanding of complex theoretical concepts through a proper breakdown of the same.

Practice Questions

The book provides practice questions at the end of each chapter, which helps students to reinforce their understanding and develop problem-solving skills. The book’s objective and subjective questions are divided into different categories, including the multiple choice type, short answer type, very short answer type, and diagram-based questions.

Solved Examples

The book has numerous solved example sections that clearly explain the step-by-step procedures for applying the concepts in real-world scenarios. Thereby providing students with the most apt approach to solving numerical problems.

Additional Resources

The book offers extra resources for exam preparation, such as sample papers and question papers from previous years. These help students get familiar with the board marking scheme, question paper pattern, and time management.

Other Sections

At the end of every chapter is a ‘Check Your Progress’ section, an ‘Activities’ section, and an ‘Important Points to Remember’ section. Every section helps to review the subject matter understanding, develop clear concepts, and complete quick revisions.


Nootan Physics Class 12 by Kumar and Mittal helps students cover all the basic and complex concepts of Physics with a very creative, quick-to-learn and understandable approach. Also, the precise explanations and chapter-wise questions permit an enriched learning experience.

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