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“Nefarious” was written and directed by Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon and is based on Steve Deace’s 2016 novel “A Nefarious Plot.” The “Nefarious” film, like the novel that inspired it, is a barely disguised collection of politically conservative and paranoid rants about demons attacking American culture. The film seeks to convey the idea that atheists are among the primary perpetrators of this devastation and are more prone to “do the devil’s work.” Continue reading the Nefarious Movie Review and Summary to learn more about the film.


The story’s plot revolves around the impending execution of Edward, a convicted serial killer. A psychiatrist named James Martin is called to evaluate Edward’s mentally unstable claims. The narrative follows a predictable horror theme and ends with an exaggerated climax. The movie’s creators seem to have intended it to be a satirical take on evangelical films.


Seventy percent of the movie is Nefarious (and Edward) and James talking. This would appeal to a true cinephile, but a mainstream audience needs a gut punch to stay with the plot. Nefarious eventually delivers that gut punch. 


NEFARIOUS is a suspenseful thriller with a well-written script and surprising twists. Sean Patrick Flanery and Jordan Belfi, who play Nefarious and Dr. Martin, respectively, must carry the tale because the majority of the film features their characters engaging in verbal combat. They do an excellent job, which indicates that the film is well-directed.

Star Performance

Sean Patrick Flanery is a great actor; his performance is the best thing about the cineb movie. He plays two different parts. You’ll feel sorry for the Edward character and hate the Nefarious side of the same character. Even though it’s small, the supporting cast, which includes Mormon Glenn Beck, keeps the audience interested and helps the story.

Visuals and Dialogue

Nefarious uses words to scare without CGI. Dr. Martin is appalled and divided when Flanery’s self-identified demon brutally recounts abortion. Nefarious comments carry weight. The real terror is when he venomously describes electric chair electrocution to the audience and James.  

Nefarious/Edward may be executed. The devil tells the doctor that he picked the chair rather than the deadly injection. He discusses the slow, horrific death such a procedure can cause, which is horrifying. 

Nefarious has little to show until the end, which makes it hard to watch. Directors and screenwriters Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon used this to emphasize the power of words. Flanery knew the assignment: enunciate and feel each dark word to set the audience’s imagination in motion. 

Final Words

It was drawn into the cat-and-mouse game between the guilty killer and the skeptic professional trying to figure out what was happening. Before the dramatic end, it does a good job of balancing the bad things happening with quieter times for thinking. Be ready because it doesn’t hold the crowd back and makes everything happen.

Nefarious is a scary look at how bad things start and how far they can go. This is a movie you won’t want to miss.

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