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Mohamed Hussein and Tamer Aly value creating relationships through quality work. Having lived across several countries worldwide before settling in Mississauga.

Handymen specialize in home improvement tasks of all kinds. From hanging pictures to repairing appliances, these professionals have you covered for any job around the house.


Mississauga Handyman Services offer an array of home repair services. They specialize in hanging pictures and repairing appliances as well as performing small plumbing repairs and caulking jobs. In addition, Mississauga Handyman Services are experts at eliminating drywall damage caused by water leakage or heavy staining; they may even replace sections if necessary.

Mohamed Hussein and Tamer Aly have long dreamt of owning their own business, so after living in various countries around the world they decided to raise their family and start one in Mississauga, Canada. Here, they were drawn in by its wide array of attractions and events, fantastic schools, cultural opportunities, as well as outdoor recreational pursuits for their two sons – which makes every momentous moment here truly worth living through!


An experienced local handyman is adept at handling an array of renovation tasks. For instance, they can install shelves on walls, closets or anywhere else you desire; hang mirrors and picture frames; conceal cracks in walls using plaster; install mailboxes/pet doors for you and help reduce drafts by installing weather stripping around doors/windows – to name just some examples!

Mohamed Hussein and Tamer Aly are the owners of Handyman Connection Mississauga, a company offering residential services in Mississauga. As trusted relationship builders with their clients is key to their success, Mohamed and Tamer strive to complete projects in a timely fashion at reasonable rates while taking great pride in their work and treating all customers with care and consideration.


If you need cracks in the walls concealed, or need new paint for your home, a skilled Local Pro can take care of that for you. They’ll plaster over any holes or imperfections as well as refinish trim, baseboards and doors before even hanging a picture or TV onto a wall mount if required! They may even help reduce drafts by installing weather stripping around doors and windows – something many home improvement stores offer as an additional service.

Mohamed Hussein and Tamer Aly are proud of the many amenities Mississauga has to offer and take great pleasure in calling it home. Community is important to them and strive to foster meaningful relationships with customers – which translates into their work by exceeding customer expectations and providing exceptional services.


Installing outdoor light fixtures or mounting TVs are tasks best left to a knowledgeable local pro. Handyman services Mississauga offer comprehensive residential services that cover nearly any repair or renovation need; their experts can even use plastering techniques to conceal cracks, holes or imperfections in walls.

Professional electricians can also install new outlets, switches and recepticals to keep your home up to code, during a remodelling project they can upgrade your electrical panel to accommodate any increased demand from new appliances or fixtures installed during remodeling; additionally they can help reduce drafts by weather stripping doors, windows and baseboards; replace broken doorknobs and cabinet hardware as needed; as well as create custom shelving solutions in your garage.


Imagine having to deal with a leaky faucet or non-flushing toilet when you wake up each morning. In such circumstances, finding an experienced plumbing company offering emergency services should be your top priority.

Mississauga handymen offer more than major repairs; they’re also adept at small tasks like appliance installation, caulking and tiling – plus will ensure your property meets all municipal codes and regulations.

Visible plumbing issues may seem inconsequential, but their effects can cause extensive damage to floors, ceilings, joists and drywall. Only licensed and experienced plumbers can ensure repairs are carried out correctly according to building code in order to prevent further problems from arising in the future. Furthermore, licensed professionals also provide flood prevention and upgrade rebate programs which may help save you money in the form of basement flood prevention and water service upgrade rebates – saving both time and money!

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