How does Workforce monitoring software integrate with other business systems

A workforce monitoring software is an automation tool that helps businesses optimize their business operational workflows. The software can be easily integrated with other business systems. Keep reading for more details.

A workforce management software is an automation tool that helps businesses simplify their field force operations. Whether you want to streamline the tasks management for your remote workforce or create orders while on the go, the software optimizes each business operation. Regardless of providing various automation tools, it is crucial to select the software that provides seamless integration options. Read on for more details!

What Is Workforce Monitoring Software?

It is undeniable that our businesses often find field force management challenging and tedious operations. When they are not present in the office, it becomes difficult to monitor their attendance, tasks, expenses, and much more. This is where a workforce tracking solution comes into the picture. With this great automation tool, you can monitor your remote workforce in real-time. The software like TrackoField provides various features to streamline your field force operations. Some of these components are as follows:

  • Task Management System

Task management software enables businesses to simplify their entire task management process. The management can use the software to assign the tasks in bulk and schedule the calendar for weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. The most intriguing feature of the software is that it provides real-time task updates for each employee.

  • Order Management Solution

An order management software is an innovative tool that businesses can use to create, manage, and process the orders while on-the-go. You can create an extensive product list for your field employees. Furthermore, the tool provides a scanner support feature to help field executives scan the product barcode easily with their mobile devices.

  • Expense Management Software

Expense management software is a great tool that optimizes employee claim and reimbursement processes. It provides features like expense evidence upload and real-time status tracking feature. Furthermore, the management can set a hierarchy-based approval to ensure transparency in them.

  • Attendance and Leave Management Software

A leave and attendance management software system that streamlines the attendance marking system for field workforce. The software provides a biometric and geo-verification attendance marking system to mitigate the risk of proxy attendance. Furthermore, you can create custom leave categories as per your company’s leave policy to manage the absenteeism.

  • Automated Reports

The most satisfying component of workforce management software is software-generated reports. It provides data-driven auto reports on total distance travelled and target vs. achievement rate for each employee individually.

How Does Workforce Monitoring Software Integrate With Other Business Systems?

The most appropriate method to integrate workforce tracking software to other business systems is choosing the right software. While selecting the best software, ensure that you compare different softwares to select the one that provides seamless integration and customization options. Most importantly, check that the software integrates to the following business systems:

  • API Integration

Ensure that you select the software that provides APIs for seamless integration with other business systems. Wondering what exactly are they? APIs are solutions that promote data exchange and communication between different software applications.

  • HR Management System

The HRMS system is a great solution for the human resources team. It optimizes the entire employee onboarding and management process. Therefore, while choosing the right workforce tracking software, make sure that the software has capabilities to integrate with the HR management system.

  • Payroll System

Indeed, you cannot manage the payroll manually for your remote employees. It especially becomes tough when the employee strength is as huge as a group of ants. Thus, it is important to select the software which can be easily combined with workforce management software. This will not only help you mitigate the risk of human errors but also expedite the payroll process.

  • CRM System

Customers are king for your business. It is significant to address the concerns and queries of customers timely to maintain a healthy relationship with them. How exactly can you do so? It is obvious. You need to select a workforce monitoring software that easily integrates to customer relationship management systems.

  • Time Tracking Software

Employee tracking is a constant challenge that each company frequently faces in field force management. The solution to overcome this problem is selecting a workforce management software that integrates with real-time monitoring software. It will help you monitor your remote workforce in real-time.


Workforce monitoring software is a great automation tool for every business. Industries of all types are investing in the software to optimize their end-to-end business workflows. However, when choosing the right software for your business, make sure that you select the one that provides seamless customization capabilities. You can also try TrackoField’sfield service management software to streamline your business operations. Want to give it a try? Book your demo now!

Every business needs to monitor their field employees. Tracking field employees is easier with field staff management software. It is an automation tool that help you optimise entire field force operations. TrackoField’s workforce tracking tool is one of the best software. It provides custom solutions to cater to your unique needs. Try the software today!

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