By visiting the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia and participating in a variety of religious procedures, Muslims may complete the Umrah pilgrimage. Participation in the pilgrimage is open to all Muslims worldwide. The most important need for pilgrims to finish the voyage is that they enter the country with a valid Umrah visa. Millions of Muslims go to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, each year to complete the Umrah. The Umrah is a voluntary religious travel that may be undertaken at any time of the year, in contrast to the Hajj. To make the Umrah pilgrimage, the pilgrims need an Umrah visa from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Muslims may make this pilgrimage at any time of the year. With this visa, pilgrims are able to visit Makkah (Mecca), Medina, and Jeddah. Muslims love travelling for their religious responsibilities with Umrah packages from an approved umrah travel agents uk.

Pilgrims may use a travel agency to apply for an Umrah visa.

The steps to get an Umrah visa are as follows:

Work with a reputable travel agency in your country to submit your visa application as soon as possible. Step 1: They will arrange both your application and your travel. The firm will provide a wide selection of Umrah package options at different pricing points.

Step 2: Compile the required documentation for the application and submit it to the preferred travel agency. The agency will handle the remaining portions of the application.

The next step is to register on the umrah apps. The Tawakkalna app (which only works in Saudi Arabia and will hold all your immunisation records, which you must produce when entering hotels, restaurants, and masjids) and the Tawakkalna app for travel, as well as the Etmarna app (which enables you to obtain prayer permissions and link them to your Takaful), must both be downloaded for your phone once you arrive in the country.


The electronic Umrah visa is another option for pilgrims to apply for an umrah visa. However, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made it simpler for people who want to perform the Umrah to get a travel visa. Simply go to the online application portal, fill out the form, upload the required travel authorization documents, pay the service fee, and then wait one to five days. They will get their digital tourist visa for Saudi Arabia. Alhijaz Travel offers umrah package with flights at lowest price for uk citizens which also includes an E Umrah VISA.

The following criteria must be met in order to obtain an e-visa:

• Passport must be current for at least six months after entry in Saudi Arabia.

• A current colour passport picture; if you don’t already have one, you may quickly and simply obtain one by utilising our digital passport photo service.

• Health insurance that covers costs associated with COVID-19 therapy.

When you arrive in Saudi Arabia, you must have your passport, your visa, and a printed QR code with you.

Get the Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa online:

Simply follow the steps below to apply for a Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa using iVisa:

• Step 1: Complete our easy online application form with your personal details. Go through every each aspect in detail.

• Step 2: Pay the Umrah Visa fees with a credit/debit card or PayPal.

• Step 3: Click “Submit” after submitting the required documentation, and get ready to go to Saudi Arabia to do Umrah!

They will contact you if they need any further information for your Umrah visa application.

The Saudi Arabian Umrah Visa (Tourist eVisa) validity:

Umrah visas for Saudi Arabia allow for numerous entries and have a one-year total validity term with a 90-day maximum stay per visit. Even so, if you attempt to apply alone, it may occasionally take longer. It is an advice submit your application at least two weeks prior to your trip to prevent any delays.

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