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You should apply for a Schengen Medical Visa if your main reason for travelling is medical, and you need to travel for a treatment. To apply for a medical Schengen visa, the requirements are slightly different. Along with visa documents, the applicant has to submit some medical documents as well. 

So before applying for the visa, ensure that you have all the documents ready, verified and you have made flight reservation for visa application to save your time! 

In this blog, you will find:

  • Documents requirement for medical visa
  • How to submit medical documents?
  • What is a Schengen visa for health care? 
  • Who can apply for a medical Schengen visa? 

Schengen Medical Visa Guide

Applicants who apply for medical treatment in the Schengen area must know before applying that they can stay for up to 90 to 180 days.

In addition to the basic requirements for applying for a Schengen Visa, you will need to show a list of documents which is shared below. When you apply for the visa, remember the forms you need to fill out depending on whether you are the patient or the person who is taking the patient. So be careful when you fill out the form. 

If you are the patient you will be needing the following documents: 

  • Recent doctor report.
  • Letter of appointment from the hospital, clinic, or doctor where you plan to get treatment. This form needs to be: signed or a medical stamp must be present.
  • It tells you how you will pay for medical treatment, like if you must pay a deposit or fee when you arrive.

If you are the person who is going to go along with the patient you will be needing the following documents:

  • A cover letter that introduces the escort and tells how you know the patient (both the escort and the patient’s full names must be included).
  • Appointment letter for the patient’s care, ideally with the full name of the escort.
  • Proof that you are covered for travel costs as an escort, such as where you live and how you will pay for it.

Eligibility & Documents Submission Guide For Medical Visa 

Nationals of a third country must apply for a Schengen visa. And if the nationals of a third country require to visit the Schengen area for a medical treatment, then also they will have to apply for a medical visa. In either case, you need to be careful when submitting visa documents. 

You must submit your medical treatment visa application by following these steps:

  • Find out which Schengen country you will be staying in the most during your trip. 
  • Once decided, submit the Schengen Visa for Medical Reasons. 
  • Choose “Medical Reasons” as the main reason for the trip.
  • Get the Basic Required Documents and the Medical Visa Required Documents.
  • Wait for the notifications that you receive from the visa officer regarding your application.

The documents that you require for medical treatment are as follows: 

  • Fill out your visa application form. Ensure that the form is filled in block letters. 
  • Pay the application fee. In addition, you will likely need to pay a service fee with your visa application. This differs from the visa fee, which you will pay in person at your next interview appointment at a Visa Application Center. Please remember that you can’t get your money back for these fees.
  • A valid passport. The passport must contain at least two blank pages for the stamp purposes. So, if your passport is close to expiry, renew the passport before submitting it for the visa purpose.
  • Two recent photographs. The photos must meet Schengen visa requirements in terms of background and photo size. 
  • Dummy ticket for Schengen visa that must be booked for a round trip. Although you are applying for a medical visa, you still need to submit a round trip flight itinerary.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Proof of hotel booking.
  • Medical Reports, Prescriptions
  • Cover Letter and 
  • NOC Letter. 
  • Submit your application.

Set up a time for an interview. Interviews are done in person at the embassy or consulate of the country you are applying to or at a Visa Application Center connected to the visa officer.

The Best Time To Apply For Medical Visa

You should apply for a Schengen Visa for Medical Reasons at least 15 days before travel and no more than six months before leaving. However, if you are going to more than one country in the Schengen area, you should apply through the embassy, consulate, or Visa Application Center for the country where you will spend the most time. 

It usually takes about two weeks (15 days) to get a Schengen medical visa. However, in rare cases, it can take between 30 and 60 days for a port to decide on an application. Dates of validity on the visa sticker will be according to the dates as per application, reservations and travel health insurance.

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