Handyman Services in MississaugaHandyman Services in Mississauga

No matter the task at hand – from hanging pictures or installing new mailboxes, to sealing off drafty doorways or installing draft stoppers – an experienced local handyman is ready and willing to assist with whatever may arise.

Mohamed Hussein and Tamer Aly, of Handyman Connection Mississauga, believe in providing services which contribute positively to their community.

Mississauga boasts an incredible community spirit and provides numerous opportunities for its residents.


Plumbing systems play an essential part in every home. From bringing in water for consumption and transporting out waste water for disposal, plumbing ensures your health and comfort are not compromised by unsanitary conditions. A malfunctioning or damaged plumbing system could pose serious threats to both health and property.

Plumbers can help repair broken toilets or install energy-efficient models if your old one doesn’t function. In addition, they can fix leaky faucets and unclog drains; additionally, trenchless pipe repair services may be performed to minimize costs and damage.


If you’re undertaking a renovation project, hiring an electrician is crucial to ensure that all wiring meets building code compliance and upgrading your electrical panel if necessary.

The Handyman Services in Mississauga will prioritize safety and abide by all electrical regulations, while staying informed on any advances made in their field of expertise. Furthermore, they should possess excellent customer service skills so as to respond promptly when inquiries are raised by customers.


Painting contractors in Mississauga offer comprehensive painting services for both residential and commercial clients, from taping, priming and application of paint. Their specialists possess all of the skills needed for successful project execution – everything from taping tape, priming the surfaces before paint application to making sure your investment will stand the test of time.

Mississauga is home to numerous corporate headquarters and an energetic business community, making it a prime location for commercial painters. Many local painting services specialize in providing top-quality services for businesses and their customers.

Drywall Repairs

Drywall is not indestructible, and over time can begin showing signs of wear. A skilled Local Pro can repair any cracks or holes in your walls for improved aesthetics and increased durability in your home.

Installation services also include installing new drywall for you. They can even replace popcorn ceilings if desired, and install paper tape corner beads which save drilling into drywall panels.

Window Repairs

Broken windows can be more than an eyesore; they can reduce energy efficiency. A professional can quickly repair or replace them quickly.

Costs associated with window repair depend on the nature and extent of damage sustained to its frame, sash, seals and hardware components. All three contribute to determining your final window repair price tag.

Upgrade your windows with Burglar Resistant Glass to protect against break-ins. Locate an experienced local pro to install it for you.


No matter how much money is spent on furniture or wall texture, your home won’t look its best without the right flooring. A good flooring store Mississauga can assist in selecting an aesthetic to best fit the space – such as hardwood, carpets or laminate.

Grab bars can help prevent falls and accidents in Mississauga. A local handyman can install and repair these safety devices as well as complete tasks like spring and fall yard clean-ups.

Furniture Assembly

Tomorrow you are expecting your furniture delivery from Wayfair, Walmart or IKEA and need someone to put together the boxes? Handy offers professional assembly services as a solution.

Furniture assembly professionals can transform loose wood pieces into the bed or dresser of your dreams, as well as more complex jobs like setting up exercise equipment. Their teams come fully-equipped and follow detailed instructions with ease.

Mohamed and Tamer take their business seriously and place great importance on fostering relationships with customers. Building trust among them is integral to their success.

Gate Repairs

Mississauga is an exciting city filled with diverse cultures and experiences to offer its inhabitants, and Mohamed Hussein and Tamer Aly, owners of Handyman Connection Mississauga, understand this fact at their core business model. A strong community is at the core of their service delivery model.

Do you need an outdoor gate for your home or need assistance assembling office furniture? Local pros have everything covered – they specialize in everything from installing kitchen appliances and performing drywall repairs to caulking, tiling and even garage door and opener repairs!

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