Gone are the days when people had to carry CVs to look for a suitable job. In today’s digital era, you can get interview calls by sharing a professionally written CV on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. In fact, over the last few years, LinkedIn has emerged as one of the leading employment-providing platforms. If you want to boost your professional career, you must build a network of people who share your profession, interest, level of education, etc. Most job seekers need to learn how to use LinkedIn for a job hunt and rely on Professional CV writing in Dubai.

Remember, your LinkedIn profile page is the base of your branding. We also regularly add features that extend our capabilities as a unique marketing platform, offering new ways to communicate your skills and motivation. If you last checked your profile page a while ago, you might be discovering new ways to build your brand.

When you appear on LinkedIn in a style that is in vogue, you successfully grab the attention of employers.

Tips to boost your professional Network


Your LinkedIn profile is both an introduction and a resume. Before your connection request is approved, people will dig into your profile to learn who you are, what you do, your skills, and your interests. Therefore, you need to create an impressive profile to attract the attention of others.

One way to do this is to complete your profile. An incomplete profile gives the impression that you say little or nothing about yourself, which is bad for building relationships. Therefore, your profile should include a professional-looking profile picture, a list of all relevant previous work, your education, skills, and a personal overview.

Other important tips for your LinkedIn profile include:

  • Checking your grammar.
  • Using clear and concise language.
  • Using paragraphs and bullet points to separate the monotonous text.


Commenting, liking, and sharing other posts are great ways to build relationships before sending a connection request. Continuous interaction with other people’s posts shows them you are passionate and knowledgeable about your subject. As a result, you can be more open with your consent when making connection requests. Plus, if your comments are insightful, the comments section will start a whole new conversation and make people reach out to you first.


LinkedIn Groups bring together professionals in your industry and people with similar interests and careers. Ask questions, share news and advice, and chat about interesting topics. These groups are a treasure trove of potential contacts, and when you join, you’ll find new contacts to enrich your Network.


Imagine you’re at a work event, meet colleagues from different companies, and have exciting conversations about industry news and events. You have potential contacts. Go beyond just exchanging business cards. Ask if you’d like to connect to LinkedIn and submit a connection request. If the situation doesn’t allow direct contact, for example, at a career fair where you have to meet many people, you can instead write down the conversations with everyone you meet. Then, later in the day, you can send a connection request stating where you met and what you talked about.


Recommendations give people viewing your profile an immediate visual indication of what you value. Recommendations go one step further. These are personal testimonials intended to describe the experience of working with you. The Recommendations section of your profile has a convenient dropdown menu that allows you to easily reach out to a specific contact and request a recommendation. Take the time to think about Professional CV writing in Dubai who you would most welcome a recommendation from and customize your request. It’s worth the extra effort.

Best Tools For Building Your LinkedIn Network


You can send invitations to LinkedIn members to invite them to join your Network. If they accept your invitation, they become a first-order relationship.

Note: You may be required to enter your email address to send the invitation.

Inmail Message:

InMail messaging is a premium feature that allows you to directly message another LinkedIn member of her who is not connected. You can only message your connected LinkedIn members directly if you have a Basic (free) account.


When you follow someone on LinkedIn, you can see their posts and articles on their homepage, even if you’re not connected.

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