Gaana and Bajaj Finance have partnered together to offer an exclusive subscription offer in India. This offer provides users with access to millions of Indian and international songs, curated playlists, and radio stations, while also allowing them to enjoy a range of exclusive benefits. These benefits include discounts on subscription fees, cashback on payments, and exclusive offers on Gaana plus. With this offer, users can take advantage of subscription offers and great savings while having the opportunity to explore the vast and diverse music library that Gaana has to offer.

Music streaming services have revolutionised the way we listen to music. Gaana plus is one of the most popular music streaming services in India, offering a premium subscription to its users. With the new offer from Bajaj Finance, Gaana plus is now offering its premium subscription at an even more affordable rate.

What is Gaana plus

Gaana plus is a premium subscription service offering its users exclusive access to millions of songs and music videos in India. It offers unlimited downloads, ad-free streaming, and access to exclusive content that can be accessed on any device. With its premium subscription, you can access your music library from anywhere.

What are the Benefits of Gaana plus Subscription Offer 

The Gaana plus subscription offer with Bajaj Finance provides its users with several benefits.

1. Affordability

The Gaana plus subscription offer with Bajaj Finance makes the premium subscription of Gaana plus more affordable. The subscription rates are highly competitive and affordable.

2. Access to Exclusive Content

With the Gaana plus subscription offer from Bajaj Finance, users can access exclusive content such as live concerts, original content, and discounts on tickets.

3. No Ads

The Gaana plus subscription offer with Bajaj Finance allows users to enjoy their music without any ads interrupting their listening experience.

4. Easy Payment Options

The Gaana plus subscription offer with Bajaj Finance makes it easier for users to pay for their subscription by providing easy payment options such as credit/debit card, net banking, and UPI.

5. Sony Liv Subscription Price

The Gaana plus subscription offer with Bajaj Finance also offers users access to a Sony Liv subscription at a discounted price.

The Gaana plus subscription offer with Bajaj Finance provides users with several benefits, such as affordability, access to exclusive content, no ads, easy payment options, and a Sony Liv subscription price at a discounted Rate. With the offer, users can enjoy a premium music streaming experience at an even more affordable rate.

Gaana Plus plan with Bajaj Finance

You can buy the CPP Mobile Protect plan offered through Bajaj Finance. This comes as a complementary benefit along with the other features offered through this plan. Given below are a few of the key benefits of the plan:

  1. Coverage for accidental and liquid damage to mobile screen – Your mobile phone and screen are covered for any accidental damage including liquid damage.
  2. Breakdown cover – In case of any damage to your mobile display due to an electrical or mechanical breakdown it will be covered.
  3. F-Secure Internet Security – Get access to F-Secure Internet Security for the best antivirus and malware protection.

Also, you get a complimentary yearly subscription of ZEE5, Sony Liv, and Gaana Plus. This is valid from the date of buying the policy and no additional charges are to be paid to claim the benefits of these OTT platforms. All this is available at a premium starting at Rs. 1,212, based on the mobile device you are covering with the CPP Mobile Protect plan.

The Gaana subscription offer with Bajaj Finance in India offers a great opportunity to enjoy a variety of music and audio content at an affordable rate. It provides users with access to a vast library of songs, music videos, podcasts, and other audio content. The subscription also offers exclusive discounts and offers, making it an ideal choice for music lovers. With all these benefits, the Gaana subscription offer with Bajaj Finance in India is an ideal way to enjoy a wide range of audio content at an affordable rate.

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